Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Symphony

I am trying to rewire myself these days. I was a born introvert, and, as I grew older, never saw any reason to do anything about it. Sure, going to a cocktail party is much more fun if you are an extravert, but in the end you can live with it. I also realized at work that being an extravert brings a much bigger paycheck; but what the heck, you are what you are, why to mess with your nature.

But then, it recently dawned on me that this universe is interconnected after all. It will talk to you if you only care to listen, and it will use the strangest voices to get the message across. Sure, even without the human touch you will learn a few things. After all, I recently found out that even the plumbing system in your house can have a message or two for you. But in the end, if you really want to hear a beautiful symphony you need the necessary human touch. People suddenly become precious notes in a perfect melody. Family, friends, foes, neighbors and ordinary bystanders all play their role to get your tailor-made spiritual message across. Once you realize that, you cannot help reaching out because you feel the network effect at work: your spiritual insights grow exponentially with the number of people you have meaningful contact with.

Everyone is God speaking,
Why not be polite and Listen to Him?
(Hafiz, quoted in Wayne Dyer's Change your Thoughts - Change your Life)

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