Sunday, September 21, 2014

Never Forget Your Self

Sometimes we lose our balance in life a little. We don’t sleep well, feel stressed and cannot stay cool and kind like we normally do. We are tired and get cranky easily.  Whenever we experience these irritations it is as if life sends us little wake-up calls that we are off-track. Take a look around, it is easy to discover how you have been carried away by these little annoyances and have effectively lost your center.  You gave all these trivial things first priority and forgot to be your Self. You identified with these trivial things and let them take over your life and consume your energy.

Make it a habit to center yourself as the first activity of day.  You can then experience how everything falls into place effortlessly.  These centering activities provide all the energy you need; they put you in touch with your Self and infuse you with the energies of peace, joy, and love. When you connect with your Core, wisdom will always be at your disposal. You automatically cut out all distracting and wasteful activities and save enormous energy and time in the process. So, If you are still carried away by life on occasions, make it an effort to center your being again and peace will be again with you.

Don’t stop these life-nourishing activities when things get hectic. This is exactly the time when you need it the most. Let the energy of the Source penetrates every cell of your being. The Buddhist have a saying, "You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy, then you should sit for an hour! Let the flowers of peace, love, and joy bloom every day; let the beauty of life radiates from you. You are peace, love, joy and beauty wherever you are and in every situation.

By Christian and Su Zhen

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Living with Courage

She was a young college student.  She had been together with her boyfriend for quite a while but it dawned on her that something wasn't quite right. She always had the urge to be on the look-out for other men although she never really took any action. Years went by and she felt stuck in this relationship until it came to this point when she felt that something inside her was dying.

With her back to the wall she decided to take a good look at herself and the situation she was in. She did not love this man. Instead she found that the only reason that she was still in this relationship was because she was afraid: afraid of being alone, afraid of telling him to take a hike and afraid of starting a new relationship. The moment she saw her fear, courage arose in her. Something came alive again and she was ready to take action and responsibility for her choice.

In our life we come across many situations like this one. It may be our jobs that we are clinging to; it may be our partners or our inadequate staff we are holding onto. We are afraid to let go of something even though we know from the bottom of our heart that it is not right for us.  This desperate hold-on-to something prevents us from experiencing what we really want.

What kind of fear holds you back? Which area of your life is stuck? Only you know it!  Whenever you experience big pain and struggle, there must be some hidden belief system behind it. Take your courage and take a deep a look. The Tao encourages you to lead an authentic life and be in tune with your heart. When you take the courage and go after your dreams you will feel peace every step of the Way. When you feel fear and interferences you know that something in your life needs adjustment. These little annoyances are encouragements really to start over again.

Trust, you deserve what you want and you can get what you want. Face your fears and submit to life. Changes will become automatic and they will be right for everyone involved. Along the Way everyone gets what works for them. Open up to unknown, and experience our life with courage and curiosity. Everything is possible along the Way.

By Christian and Su Zhen

Friday, September 19, 2014

As Below, So Above

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

They say, as above, so below. Do you know what this implies? Can you imagine that our entire destiny is written in the stars? You must have noticed yourself that there are periods when walking is as hard as if concrete is tied to your feet. While on others, pretty much no matter what you do, everything falls into your lap easily. All these up and down phases are written in the stars, and a skilled astrologer can tell you about it in your charts.

Who knows whether we have a choice in what we do or not. Who knows what exactly in our lives is predetermined and what is not. But if the 'as above, so below' statement is correct then it is hard to imagine that our willpower can change the trajectory of stars. Yet, within a written life-story there is probably a high degree of freedom what you can do with it.

The upside of 'as above, so below' is information. If we are operating in a hologram, all the information above must be at our disposal below. So all we ever need to know slumbers deep inside of us. Just as Rumi says, we are the entire ocean in a drop.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Tao of Passion

Flowers do not struggle to bloom.
Water does not struggle to flow.
The sun does not struggle to shine.
Struggle is un-natural -
be like nature and go with the flow.
(Zen quote in Spiritual Networks)

We sometimes think of a spiritual path as a dance - you often follow the energy of your dancing partner and are gently swayed to places, but on occasions you lead as well.

You are part of an energy vibration wherever you are; the environment you are operating in and the people you interact with. When people you care for struggle you cannot help being under the negative influence, just as you cannot help rejoicing when they flourish. Life is an eternal up and down. Learn to be aware of these moments and give yourself the space and time to digest this energy flow. Just as with the weather, there are days when you carry an umbrella, days when you wear sunglasses and days when you better stay at home.

Be open to every situation that comes your way and the energy will flow right through you. It is the resistance to these energy fluctuations that bring trouble. Besides, there is a lot you can do to actively manage these energy fluctuations. Allow yourself to be surrounded with positive energy when the lifting gets heavy. Do the things you love to restore your energy balance.

Observe yourself, when you are doing something you love, you can always find a limitless energy supply inside of you. When you are passionate about something, the Tao will always be in harmony with you. But then, when whatever it is that you have to do becomes a drag, know that you must be overlooking something somewhere. Love provides the passion so when you find that the going gets tough remind yourself why your mission matters to you and your loved ones in the first place. Similarly, when you fail to see the purpose just drop whatever it is you are doing.

Love and passion give you energy and the supply is abundant. Whenever you find that love and passion, know that you are in tune with the universe and limitless energy is flowing through you. Enjoy the Tao of passion.

By Christian and Su Zhen

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life is a lot of Fun When You Believe It Is

You will be what you are.
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Your mind-set decides pretty much what you will experience in your life. When you doubt people, when you lack trust, when you see scarcity wherever you turn, you will find plenty of evidence to prove to yourself that you are right.

On the other hand, when you believe in love, when you trust the people you interact with, when you know that you are fine regardless of what happens, be ready to experience a magic world opening up to you. A whole new dimension is waiting for you to experience - life is a lot of fun when you believe that it is.

How you feel inside also pretty much decides how you are going to experience life, work, and your interpersonal relationships. When you think that you are not popular, you won't. When you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. But then, when you discover that you are true love, you will be surrounded by it.

Stand ready to experience your life radiating with the warmth and intensity of a sun. Actually, you don't have to convince yourself of anything. All you have to do is to let go of all the interferences that held you back in the past. The nay-sayer within; the suspicious mind that sees a downside in anything that comes your way. Drop all expectations and open up to life so that you can receive the abundance it has to offer.

You are part of the Way once you let go of the little fenced up reality that you used to perceive. Don't be afraid of life just because you carry a few old scars around. Life is a lot of fun when you open up to it. Enjoy!

By Christian and Su Zhen

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Energy Masters

Did you know that everything we see, every material we touch and every person we talk to is on a microscopic level nothing but energy, magnetism and light? Do you know that if we walk into a wall an infinite amount of time, there will be one time when it lets you through?

String theory presumes that on the smallest level there is nothing but vibrations. Little strings that flow through space connecting everything with everything. The Hindus call this vibration OM; the holy sound that started the Universe in a big bang; the Torah similarly states that everything started with a word.

Do you know that the thoughts in your head, the emotions that you feel are nothing but little energy waves themselves. An energy master recognizes them as such and just let them pass without standing in their way. "Negative" energies get passed just like gas after a heavy meal. "Positive" energies flow through us in the same way. All energies just flow and none can touch and entangle your true core.

Spiritual travelers are energy masters. It is not that we manipulate anything, we are just existing in harmony with these vibrations. We rise, fall and swing in harmony with what is. When we perform so-called miracles we don't really do anything. We are just willing look through the illusions of the mind and the ego. All flowing energy always gives you a choice in the physical space. You can hold on to the entangled mind-world reflection that you know so well or you can discover oneness and love in everything that happens around you.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Life's Spiritual Wisdom

I am hardly a spiritual master but I am an expert in something; I know a lot about my human side. I certainly have experienced the greed in me and have faced my fears on countless of occasions. I also could write volumes about lust. And I know how egotistic I can be, not to mention my insecurities and jealousies.

A spiritual journey encourages you to be aware of everything that happens beneath the hood. Actually, the trick to deal with them is awareness, not repression and not confrontation. If you battle your jealousy, lust, greed or egotism, if you condemn your nature, you are really starting a war inside. It is a merry-go-around game that the voice in your head plays with itself. Actually, it is not so merry at all; it is quite destructive and cancerous. The only way you can be in harmony with your human drives is being aware of what is going on. Observe everything without getting involved; even when you hear the righteous voice in your head that feels superior to the "darker" emotions. You will realize that even this voice is the ego talking to itself.

Buddha once said, you can't think yourself into Heaven. So just being mindful of the stuff that happens inside doesn't make you a spiritual master. Yet there is an all-knowing master who is available to you any time and completely free of charge. This master is called life! When you are mindful it is not hard to figure out what life is all about. Everything that you attract, every interaction, all the so-called successes or disappointments, everything is just a reflection of your inner frame of mind. Life wraps itself around you and puts you through this virtual reality show. And while you are running after what is meaningful to you, life in fact sends you on a subconscious journey Home. We spiritual travelers encourage you to make this journey a conscious one.

The Law of Attraction folks have figured out that with the right mindset you can steer yourself in the direction of your liking. That is certainly true! In a way, the Law of Attraction insight could be compared to lucid dreamers. They have realized that you can master the art of waking up within a dream and start manipulating the dream to your advantage. That is certainly a nice power to have but we spiritual travelers want more. Why should we wake up within a dream if we can wake up period. Life is designed to bring us Home and all we have to do is to open up to it and discover its spiritual wisdom.

If you think that a spiritual path entitles you to peace, love and happiness every step of the way, you most likely will be disappointed. A spiritual journey is about gaining insights, about struggling; it is about transcending and letting go. "Not this, not that" becomes your way to proceed. A spiritual path is about de-masking the illusion. Heaven on earth is what remains once you see love shine through behind every choice.

There is no book that you can read, no master who can tell you what to do - it is your journey Home. You have to stumble through insecurities and righteousness, arrogance and humility. But after a while you realize that no matter what happens, no matter what path you might have taken last time around, life always wraps itself around you and offers you the same choice again and again: "choose love", it says. Often it whispers and sometimes it screams. There is incredible wisdom in the choices life presents. If you get lost in it, if you just follow that simple road-map life offers to you, you do not need to be wary of your human dimension at all. All distractions melt away in the busyness, loveliness and joy of living and all that remains along the Way is pure love.