Monday, December 18, 2017

Returning to the Garden of Eden (Revisited)

The fruit of only one tree was ‘forbidden’ in the symbolic garden. Eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge is a symbolic expression for the usurping the ability for self-creation. (A Course in Miracles)

What exactly is mis-creation? When you go to work in order to pay your monthly bills and find that you sometimes have to look the other way in order to pretend not to see the stuff that is not so kosher before GOD. Is that mis-creating?

It depends! At each point life presents us with choices, and for us spiritual travelers these choices are an opportunity to express our true Self. ‘Not-so-kosher stuff’ is fine if our mission is healing. It is spiritually harmful otherwise!

Rome wasn’t built in a day though. It takes time to synchronize life with our true Self. A spiritual path is a journey of following the energy. Doors open to people and projects that give new life and meaning to us. Doors close to the stuff that pulls us down. 

Follow the energy! Follow the love and synchronicity! Soon you are only expressing your true Self. Yes, we were responsible once upon a time for shutting ourselves out of the Garden but the door is still wide open. We can return any day!

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Don't believe those people who tell you they want to leave the kindergarten. All they want from you is that you fix their broken toys: "give me back my wife. Give me back my job. Give me back my money. Give me my reputation, my success." that's what they want: you give them their toys back. Nothing more. The Greatest Psychologists will tell you that people don't really want to be cured. They only want a momentary relief. The healing process is too painful.
(Anthony De Mello)

There is something about Anthony’s pessimistic view of the world. I have studied and worked with the ‘best and brightest’ out there, but have found that many are driven by motives that they are unwilling to admit to themselves. All well-meaning words are kind of meaningless. They may listen to you, they may even nod enthusiastically in response, but next minute they return to their subconscious mission of power and fame. When they are depressed they will look for help, but when the wheels are turning again they return to their old habits as if nothing ever happened.

Should you struggle right now, take comfort. Pain implies hope for true spiritual transformation. The 19th century sage Sri Ramakrishna once remarked that the mother will work happily in the background when the child is playing, but once he throws down his toys and starts screaming, she rushes to his side. Same with GOD, SHE is always around but we often only look for HER when we really need need help.

Not all is hopeless though. While it is easy to get lost in the many conscious and subconscious plots life throws at us, everyone faces a spiritually transformative moment one day. As one of the Souls who has traveled the spiritual path for a while now I can assure you that once you have been initiated, there is no turning back. We spiritual travelers recognize each other and walk HOME hand in hand. So what if some others need a little more time before they put their toys down. It’s ok!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ego - Friend or Foe (Revisited)

Ego is a term everyone uses, spiritual or not. We say ‘He has ego’, implying that he may be quite good at what he does, but when he doesn’t get his way we also know that he can turn pretty obnoxious. We also say, ‘she is self-less’, and know that she is kind and helpful, but also fear for her that she might be a push-over. So somehow in our mind there is just a right level of ego that we all should be striving for. 

We spiritual folks are ambitious and want to find GOD, and we are told that the ego stands in the WAY. We have a great expression describing the dilemma. We say, ‘E-G-O: Edge - GOD - Out’. So what should we do? The root the world ego is simply ‘I’, our perceived personal identity. But the spiritual warning,  ‘E - G - O - Edge God Out’ is more specific, we just warn not to mess up. We make a discipline out of figuring out what is the right way to react to the world, and what is problematic.

There are some who say that we should ‘fight our ego’ in the extreme, or simply ignore our ego longings in the least. I am noting the ego bashing camp, simply be mindful of what is going on and respond accordingly. The Course in Miracles famously states that the ego becomes strong in strive. Even the fight for GOD can be hijacked by the ego.  

I am a spiritual coach and I always advice to combine purpose and passion. For me that’s the WAY.  Let the ego work for you. Let the fellow make you happy. Just do it in a way that is in accordance with the WAY, and be mindful that it doesn’t interfere with the WAY. I claim that life always sends us problem that always can be solved fulfilling everyone’s objectives. Find it!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Show Me

Cause it’s like you’re my mirror,
my mirror staring back at me.
(Mirrors, Justin Timberlake)

If I didn’t know my wife was from India, I would have guessed that she is from Missouri, the ‘Show Me State’. You should have seen her face when I told her that I am becoming an author and spiritual coach. “Run this by me”, she said, “you have a PhD in economics, and a twenty year career at one of the top financial organizations in the world, and you become a spiritual mentor!?!”

How easy would it be to say that my wife doesn’t get me, or that she interferes with my artistic and spiritual expression. You know what, the fear of not making it in the “spiritual industry” is entirely mine. I have to stand up to my fears. Too many spiritual travelers shy away from criticism and confrontation thinking they have to dispel negativity. Yet, the fears and doubts will follow us and a new distorted mirror will pop up somewhere else.

Sometimes we have to step away from negative energy, but often we have to face it. As far as my wife is concerned, I married her because I fell in love with her pragmatism and fighter spirit in the first place. So what if I have to work a little for a few years to show her that I can make a name for myself. My readers and mentees will appreciate the hard work.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Way of the Soul

Every spiritual traveler will tell you that we get little nudges from the Beyond. It is just like learning a new language; they are Signs that we never noticed before our Awakening started. Are these messages coming from GOD? Do we have little programs running inside that one day open up like acorns in the depth of the psychological soil? Is this Jung’s Collective Unconsciousness that talks to us individually based on our preferences and talents? 

Let’s call these missions and commands simply Soul longings. Yes, we can have it all! The ego - our ‘I’ identification - doesn’t have to be our spiritual enemy’s all. Let this fellow run after what is meaningful to the Soul. Magic happens when the Soul gets what it wants. The world we live in stops fighting us and starts guiding us instead. Peace of mind is ours to have when the ego stops interfering with our spiritual path. Join us on the Way of the Soul!

On Free Will

Someone asked what question we would have if we met GOD, and I said that I would ask him for a final word on the endless free will discussion. As a graduate student, in one of those endless coffee hours discussions, I argued vociferously that we have one. Later life happened to me and I saw men, intellectually admired and even worshipped, who were driven by subconscious agendas that they didn’t grasp. How hard is it to make the jump then that I too fall asleep at the wheel way too often myself!

I am asking you, what’s wrong with being on auto-pilot as long as the direction is the right one? If love is the prevailing FORCE that we want to awaken to, let it be subconscious in nature. I envision an inverted smiley that depicts our uphill struggle. To override ego forces that linger in the depth of our subconscious is hard conscious work. Up we climb gaining degrees of freedom until our love instinct kicks in an our choices become automatic again. Who needs will, free or otherwise, holding HER hand?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


We never attack, but we assert our SELF when necessary.

We don’t charge ahead, unless our leadership is needed.

Loves comes first, loves comes second, and also third.
Everything matters and nothing does.

Mostly, SHE is simply in charge.

Sometimes we just rest at the center watching the world spin.