Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Game

The ego is an illusion which ends with death but the karma remains, it is given another ego in the next existence.
(Carl Jung)

The Soul is a time-and life-arbitrator. It is a mathematical program that allocates life-times, missions, problems, Soul families, luck, misfortunes, etc. to bring each individual out of the Matrix on the fastest Way possible, subject to the condition that we have a free choice in what we do. Of course, ‘free’ is not quite as potent as it sounds given that we are primed every step the Way.

The ‘game’ is not as as dark as ‘The Matrix’ movie makes it appears. In fact, the ‘game’ that we are embedded in was created by a Force that permeates everything; this Force waits patently for us to Awaken, and would move Heaven and earth to help us in the Awakening process. Find the Way to appeal to this Force to come Home, and you have already made it.

The Way of Wisdom (Lao-Tzu) is to see ego as an illusion. The Way of Christ is to cancel out ego with its opposing force, love. The Way of Lord Krishna (dharma) is to let karma run its course without adding anything new in the process. The Way of the Buddha is to be still and realize that I AM GOD. It has been fun playing with you all, but it is getting time to go Home.

The Ascension Spiral

My father gave me a brilliant mind, and an affliction to heal.

My mother gave me a strong body, and the necessary earth connection.

GOD surrounded me with Angels, cheering me on, and guiding me in dark times.

The road to freedom is guaranteed; it has become an all or nothing mission.

Should I fail, the lion shall come back stronger and with unstoppable force.

Every Ascension Course is guaranteed; do you see the spiral at work?

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Pathways of the Magnificent Four

The Way of Lord Krishna: follow your Soul mission (dharma) in good Faith, and you shall find ME.

The Way of the Christ: be love, heal the love-less, and understand the cry for love.

The Way of Lao-Tzu: rest at the center of life’s spinning wheel.

The Way of Buddha: be still and know that I AM GOD.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

I, Thou and IT

Dr. Freud caused a revolution when he summed up the aim of the European Enlightenment movement with his claim that we can can awaken to our super-ego and that we can delve into the depth of our subconscious. Alas, something was missing in his elegant world-view; it has no room for spirituality, and it as no concept of the possibility that GOD may permeate everything that we experience and that we are about.

I, Thou and IT is the mirror theory to Freud. Instead of making the omnipresent ‘I’ the goal of our life, we tell folks that the ‘I’ will in fact melt in the duality of Thou and IT. ‘Thou’ is our notion of GOD’s Kingdom that we Awaken to; ‘IT’ is the FORCE that brings us HOME. Some call it the WAY, some call it Spirit or Soul, some call it humanity. When the traveler has come HOME, and when the dust settles, IT remains, and nothing but. The ‘I’ is enlightened to see that it was all a mirage.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I Wanna Be Like Bob

I remember reading one day about a professor—named Bob—who managed to energize his students, no matter what the subject matter, and no matter who he talked to. The author saw him in action and felt jealous. He could only conclude in amazement, ‘I wanna be like Bob!’ I read this book at a time before my Awakening had started. I was passionate about global investing in these days, but I wasn’t working with the people who had a similar mindset. I had too many encounters when my passions failed to set my counterparts on fire. So I too concluded, ‘I wanna be like Bob!’

The secret to life is living itself. Don’t take your mission too seriously; just take it as an inspiration that tells you which path to travel. Otherwise, it is the conversation here right now that matters, and nothing but! It is the situation at hand that define us! Live your life well, and you will be a lightening bolt in other people’s life. Yes, I have the mission of being an educator, writer and spiritual coach, and I will see my mission through. But the way to get there, is one meaningful interaction at the time that sees the sparks flying. Come to think of it, I am already a little bit like Bob.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The End of Suffering

"Nature is busy creating absolutely unique individuals, whereas culture has invented a single mold to which all must conform. It is grotesque."

Every four years during the Winter Olympics I am glued to the screen and watch curling. My wife always asks me, ‘What do you like about it? It is so boring compared to all the other high speed, and high acrobatic performances?’ The answer is simple. Curling is so Zen. Curling is also all about strategy. Why would you place hammers outside of the scoring area? You are already protecting hammers that will score for you in many moves ahead! In the same way, the suffering of the past was not wasted. It has in fact prepared you to get ready for your life purpose now.

There are many tortured Souls in the spiritual communities. It is not because the world is so evil, and we good guys have to take the pain to make it a better place. Not at all! ‘GOD could take care of this world all right’, the 19th century Indian Mystic Sri Ramakrishna used to say. No, we had our dues to pay because we are  different from others, and we have to learn how to use our talents and run with them. We felt awkward that the hammers we placed weren’t quite on target thus far. Yet, our Soul set us up for this pain to set us up for our journey ahead. Accept your differences and start running with your talents. After this insight though, suffering has no longer any use.

You have paid your dues; the well-placed hammers shall nest in your future successes from here on. Take all this tortured energy of the past , and do something constructive with it. From here on, all future moves shall hit the mark.

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Law of Attraction Works—Well, Kind of …

He was an aspiring spiritual path traveler and constantly received messages from the universe. Life gave him little nudges along his journey which made it fun and gave him the feeling of being connected. But then one day as he programmed his subconscious mind in order to manifest a salary raise, he suddenly got a toothache. It was then when he remembered the words of the Lord, "Thou shall not use My Name in vain".

When you observe this story, you probably conclude with me that the superego of our spiritual path traveler acted up. The toothache was generated by his religious notions that are still part of his super-ego. It is unlikely that the Creator of an universe of mind-blowing size minds a little salary increase here or there. Can we break free from these conditioning with some practice and will-power? Sure, but don’t you think that as long as the ego is around, there will always be a force that is throwing wrenches on our manifestation skills, no matter how advanced we are?

Truth of the matter is that we are instant manifestors. In the days of the Garden whatever we visualized became instant creation. Alas, then we explored our own separate identity and began to alternate between the two worlds, GOD’s KINGDOM and our make-believe world. Synchronize with the WAY and increase your manifestation success ratio to 100 percent. There is nothing to do. Just show up and manifest the creation that seems ripe at that magnificent moment. GOD’s CREATIONS will flow right through you!