Thursday, December 18, 2014


The Holy Spirit teaches you the difference between pain and joy. This is the same as saying He teaches you the difference between imprisonment and freedom.
(A Course in Miracles)

God in Neale Walsch's "Conversations with God", often said that there is no "wrong" or "right", there is is only useful and less so, judged from the perspective of what you want to achieve. Some want status and power, while others want love and freedom. Freedom was Buddha's stated goal and he was uncompromising in his approach to get there. I remember a scene in Deepak Chopra's "Buddha", where Lord Krishna visited Buddha after a long meditation session. Buddha said to Lord Krishna, "You have no idea how much I have longed Thee!", to which Lord Krishna responded, "I know!". But then Buddha closed his eyes again and said, "Please leave now I have work to do." That is indeed the mindset of someone who is on a mission. You keep on going until your goal reached. In Buddha's case it was a mission to be completely free from all mind-driven illusions.

It is in fact possible to be "free". Not in the way that you can cut yourself completely off from the subconscious processes that run below the surface, but in the way that you can really live your life completely detached from the longings of the ego. There is a Way that somehow always knows best and all you have to do is to follow Her. Sometimes it is external signs that guide you, while sometimes it is your intuition. There always will be a few missed steps but mostly you can be connected every step of the Way. You can see and feel the Way just as a scientist would and you learn as much from your mistakes as you do from your blissful moments. Along the Way, the longings of the "I" simply melt into nothingness and in those moments you get a taste for true freedom, just as the Course in Miracles claims.

It is pretty meaningless to strive for enlightenment just because this gift a higher authority has to grant you. What you can do though, you can cut out interferences to the best of your abilities by just holding on to the Way. Joy and freedom follow you where you go. Never mind if there are still a couple of dimensions in your life where people or positions seemingly still hold you back. This just means that you aren't quite ready for the big jump. Serve willingly as a free master and true freedom will be yours before you know it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Best Present Ever

This year, I will remember that people are more important than things.
(Dr. Wayne W. Dyer)

During this holiday season, when you think about getting presents for your loved ones, do you feel stressed or are you filled with joy and love?  Do you consider it necessary to buy them presents? It is actually a good habit to buy presents for your loved ones, especially when you pay attention to what they like and feel the joy and love for them as you select the gifts. It is a habit that we can cultivate, not just for the holidays. You can literally anticipate how joyful and touched they are when the people we care for open their presents full with surprise. 

While we are developing our habit to select thoughtful presents for our loved ones, we can develop the ability to pay attention to the people around us. It turns out that our attention is what is important, not what we end up buying. Too often we zoom into the things that fancy our attention while we don't spend enough time on what it is actually is our loved ones want. What we think will be good for them may in fact be just our fancy.

How often do we find ourselves simply too busy to spend time with the people around us and really listen. We are spending time together but our minds are worlds apart. We are thinking about our to-do lists and are out of touch with what is going on in their lives. We are together yet we feel alienated and lonely. So what a nice opportunity it is to drop everything and spend a while to tune into their needs and aspirations. The holidays are the season to remind us what really matters to us; the preparation we make for our get-together and the presents we select are expressions of our love for others.

The holidays should be just a reminder of our resolution for the upcoming year. How can we be really with our loved ones all year around? The trick is that when we manage to live in the here and now, we cannot help but to be with our loved ones 100 percent. When we are able to sense our body, observe our thoughts, be with our breath, and be present with our environment, we are totally connected with everyone. Often it is our loved ones who help us snap out of a train of thought or a lack of attention. This presence creates the communication and energy exchange between each other. This presence is love!  When we are able to be with others, listen to them and feel loved.  

Why don’t you try it today?  Try to be here and now no matter who you are talking to today.  Let’s hand out the present of truly being with each other. If you can manage to live in the now today it will not be hard to make it a daily routine!  Let’s light up each other’s heart with care and love in this holiday season!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Experience Life as Is

Observe yourself and try to understand what’s the root of your anxiety and pain. Do you feel good about yourself when you are doing the right things?  Do you feel good when your kids are doing great at school?  How do you feel when your house is spotless or looks like a museum?  Do you feel good when you are successful at something, say in your career, your looks or your parenting? Do you feel bad when you aren't doing so well in any of these aspects of your life? It is almost like the “you” is under attack then; it is like a sign saying “you” are not so good. In the extreme, you want to destroy “yourself” when you feel that you cannot keep “your image”.  How many “successful” people commit suicide when something bad happens in their life?

Observe how painful we feel when things are not going so well. We work so hard to create and protect our “self-image”. Any situations which may threaten our perceived “image” creates turbulence in us.  It is our ego that creates this suffering; it is this worry of ego that puts us in constant anxiety.

When we finally can see things as they are, and realize all these ups and downs are just there to help us wake up, we can finally end the suffering created by the ego. Don’t we all feel good about “ourselves” when things come our way and feel “bad” when things are not doing so well? But if some day we suddenly realize that whatever happens, nothing can really touch the core behind the image we have of ourself, then the struggle is effectively over.

We can finally experience our life just as is. Certainly, we are still happy when things come our way, and are still upset when things are not going so well. However, these ups and downs are not going to rock our boat. We let them come and go with equanimity. We are finally able to lead and experience our life just as is. We are finally able to let life unfold through us. We are a messenger of life and the Tao. Life is as it it is, what’s there to be so excited or sad about?

By Christian and Su Zhen

Saturday, December 13, 2014

What is Kosher?

Live a little!
(Christian M. Wiese)

There is a story about the enlightened mystic living in 19th Century India, Sri Ramakrishna, who told one of his disciple to kill a cockroach, just because he made such a big deal about the sanctity of life. Life simply is and we can discover holiness only in the limit. We were born somewhere between urine and the feces as Freud once remarked. Half animal, half God, we all have to find our way to express the divine in our human skin.

The problem of our spiritual community is that we want something. If you aspire to be "there", you never will, for the simple reason that you are always "here". Don't want anything, just be. If you are horny find a way to express that drive as a physical expression of love. If you are greedy find a way to express that professionally. If you feel scared, try to insure you as best as you can. For every human desire and emotion there always is a physical and symbolic expression to get it out of the system.

Divinity is a way of seeing. You will never experience perfection for but a moment but you can always recognize it in every situation. The easy spiritual way is to discover love in awkwardness,  occasional mistakes and some faux pas. It is not hard to forgive mistakes when you feel that your brother means well. The harder part is the other part, when you seem to think that you are going against your spiritual norms. When you have to fire someone to help him discover what is truly meaningful to him; or when you love a woman ravishingly even though a guru tells you that you will never get enlightened if you have sex.

Everyone has a path. Life is and uses us just as a pawn to create what always is. It can be confusing to figure out what is kosher and what not. This is the trick I am using. We can always remind ourself of the love behind every action, holy or human. When the disciple killed the cockroach he did it because of his love for Sri Ramakrishna. When a CEO lays off workers it could be because he wants to protect his other staff from an upcoming economic crisis. Find the love in what you do and you already are "there". Let life unfold through you, do your best and never mind a little broken China on the floor. Live a little!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Miracle Workers

You have unlimited potential to create miracles in your life.
 (Louise Hay).

Our biggest opportunities arise from the realization that we are responsible for whatever we are experiencing right now and from the decision to take the appropriate actions. Our biggest mistakes happen when we keep looking for the answers in the external world and forget all the wisdom, power, knowledge, love, and strength we already have. We keep looking for our answers outside of us and somehow always feel unfulfilled, until at some point, we finally see the truth and know we are unlimited in our own ability to create good in our life.

We are deluded to look for love, happiness, joy, abundance, healing, wisdom, power, and strength in the external world.  Again and again we experience disappointment until we realize we have it all. The answers are already inside of us, and have been always there. No wonder that we failed before; we had been looking for them in the wrong place.

The miracle is subtle. Somehow it is an insight that the power is part of us, yet we also understand that it is truly beyond us and comes in the holy interactions with others. The miracle follows us around so to speak. The moment we understand that we are miracle workers, all the necessary strength and energy will be with us, just as we attract the people and situation to make it work. Like Moses, we take the hand of our sister and jump right into the sea. Behold, the waters part yet again.

Be ready to experience how powerful, joyful, peaceful, loving, wise, and abundant your life can be. Heaven and all the solutions to your problem are not somewhere else; they are at your disposal here and now! Stand ready to receive all the wonderful things that life has to offer. You are blessed and always have been.

By Christian and Su Zhen

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask where they're are going and hook up with them later.
(Mitch Hedberg)

We are often caught by forces that apparently are beyond our conscious control; behavioral patterns, the voice that we cannot stop talking in our head, or seemingly instinctive reactions to particular situations. As we keep observing ourselves, we can find that our body is getting tight as these forces take over. We lose sleep and are full of negative thinking. From our previous experience we know this is a vicious cycle and we want it somehow to stop. As we work hard to stop it, we find that the force is getting even stronger and that we are getting even more anxious.

Every being, every existence, and even every force, strives to survive. Please give them their space. The Tao includes all these forces and is at the same time above them. Allow all these forces and occurrences to exist and make friends with them. When you allow them to be there, nothing needs to fight back for survival and, in a weird way, everything runs frictionless. Step back and you find that you in fact can let all these forces work for you. You observe that you are part of them, yet beyond them.

Your peace doesn’t come from the absence of thoughts; your peace also doesn't come from getting everything you wish; your peace comes from realizing that 'what is' somehow always works for you; your peace comes from acceptance and from creating with the help of everything life brings you. Try it and observe that peace is always yours to enjoy.
By Christian and Su Zhen 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to find my Beloved?

You go on looking for the woman outside, for men outside. 
But nobody has ever found any woman outside, 
Or any man outside, to fulfill the desire, 
The longing to become one complete whole. 

But the basic understanding is right, 
That somehow man and woman have to merge their energies into one. 
Just one thing is missing: 
That miracle can happen only within you, 
It is not something outside. 
It is something that as you become silent and peaceful and joyous, 
As you enter deeper into meditative states, 
As your intelligence becomes more sharp, 
You will see: 
The other that you have been searching for is within. 

And there is no problem with the inner woman, 
With the inner man. 
Once you recognize them, 
They start melting into each other 
Without any effort on your part. 
Just your recognition is enough 
To trigger the process of the merger. 

By Osho