Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let Go and Let GOD

We have
been GIVEN
complete FREEDOM
the story
we wrote.
(davidWELLENS, EDIT, Spiritual Networks)

Amazingly, our life is nothing but a story! The Law of Attraction folks are right to stress that we should play around with these mental manifestations. With the right preparations and the appropriate mindset we can accomplish whatever our heart aspires. Yet after some years of mental experimentation with these laws, eventually we spiritual travelers would claim that only GOD's mission can truly fulfill us. Everything else we will sooner become stale, and that's where the spiritual journey comes in.

A spiritual path is really the undoing of existing belief sets. You lock into a FORCE and then let go of the steering wheel. There is abundance too along the WAY but it differs from what we set out to accomplish and has very different meaning too. We once ran after status and luxuries but on the HOME coming journey only aspire for love, joy and peace of mind.

Writes the medieval monk Meister Eckhart, "To be full of things is to be empty of GOD. To be empty of things is to be full of GOD." It takes guts and faith and simply "let go" and "let GOD" take care of us, but once we are on the spiritual journey, there is no looking back either. On the first part of this journey we edit the limiting beliefs we and others imposed on us, on the second half we let HER edit away our story of ourself altogether.

Let HER send you on a mind-blowing journey.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Observe Your Inner Critic

When we let go of fear and insecurity,
we find that which remain are experiences.
Simply experiences to know oneself in another way.
(Simram Singh)

Have you ever been aware of your own observations? Has it ever occurred to you that a voice inside starts complains about some "dirty" or inappropriate thoughts? What do you do then? Have you observed how the train of thought stops, classified away as "bad", only to find that it pops up again sooner or later because the issue that troubles you hasn't been solved yet.

As soon as we start judging ourselves, we stop being aware of what is truly going on inside. The "I" has taken a stance, and the battle of "good and evil" has been decided on. It is our ego that is the attorney, judge and policeman, all at the same time, and we lose a precious opportunity to understand ourselves.

It is hard sometimes to step out of this game of "good" and "evil" because we are afraid. Be curious about yourself and be open to whatever happens to you. Please don’t judge yourself, just observe, and suddenly the inner turbulence passes. Every occurrence is a useful event. Every life episode gives us the opportunity to understand ourselves and life better. When we take this approach, life suddenly becomes daring and fun.

Enjoy this precious life!

By Su Shen

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In Defense of the Peacock (Continued)

Man's task is to become conscious of the contents that press upwards from the unconscious.
(Carl Gustav Jung)

I am playing at the Peacock Course of the Delhi Golf Course, literally surrounded by free-roaming peacocks. One bird in particular got my attention, standing there with an erect posture, for a period that seemed like an hour, apparently admiring himself in one of the mirrors that golf players use for practicing their swing. The reader of my first book, The Magnificent Experiment, knows that I devoted an entire chapter to the story of the peacock, when I discovered that this symbol has a lot of meaning for me personally.

These days I am fighting for professional survival at my work place in an industry that has come under financial strains, and I have a boss who has effectively stopped talking to me. Everything inside me knows that the best thing that could ever happen to me is to just let go of this lousy job and move on with my next career, that of a spiritual writer and coach. Yet, I find it hard to let go of this job because people look up to me there. I am somebody, just as the peacock at he Delhi golf course admires the height of its physical beauty.

Of course, were the job cuts to come, I would grief for a few weeks, would ask "why me?" and would then throw my full weight into the next career and somehow try to establish a name for myself in the overcrowded spiritual and self-help space. What a waste! The whole point of spirituality is to look through this ego game, but if subconscious processes need to be lived through then that's what will happen. The story I would be telling myself is that GOD really needs the light-worker Christian Wiese, whether it is true or not is an entirely different question.

How much nicer if I could wake up one day and say, "I have already made it. I am somebody and I don't need a fancy profession or popular books to prove myself." This day might be today, or it might be in 7 years from now, or it might be never. It is like the peacock wakes up one day and decides to only use his impressive tail size and beauty to vow the hen when she is ready to make love. Yet, is that really the mission of a peacock? What's wrong with sharing his physical wealth with all of us? What's wrong with a little vanity if others stand to benefit from it.

So it turns out, no matter what happens, whether subconscious drives are expressed, or whether we consciously awaken to our true life story, and even when we are finally ready to let go of what once was so meaningful to us, life has a rhythm to present the change of our story line just in the nick of time. Today, I am happy to view the peacock in action, and I am equally happy to take whatever life brings my way and discover the wisdom in it.

Claim the Magic Moment

I asked life, "Why are you so difficult?" Life smiled and said, "You people never appreciate anything simple." (Unknown)

I see anger in my son's eyes, only to find that moments later it is gone. I instinctively understand that his foul mood is in me as well but I would never admit it. So my son is a mirror of sorts that just can't be ignored. I realize the baggage I am carry around in all the scheming, the aggressiveness and the abuse that is going on at work. It is an illusion to think that I could simply walk away from it, just as it is a pipe dream to think that my son is any different from me.

Too many spiritual travelers seek escape. They quit the so-perceived cut-throat jobs. Some even remove family members and friends who supposedly are not spiritual enough. They want to find peace, happiness and joy by withdrawing but they will never remove the inner restlessness and unhappinesses no matter how much meditation, yoga classes and gurus they pursue. No, samadhi is found in the magic moment. It can strike moment by moment even if the prior situation was rather challenging. Sometimes it is indeed the prior strain that results in the the orgasmic relief afterwards.

Peace, joy and happiness can be found in the moment at hand no matter where and no matter how many constraints life may impose on us. Disentangle your SELF from life, or rather, allow life to set you truly free by taking life's obstacle course with an open mind. Mindfulness doesn't mean we can't let our hair down a bit at the same time.

Along a spiritual path the magic moments get more numerous and more powerful all the time because we recognize the interferences for what they are. Claim the magic moment here and now.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Get your self out of the way

In order
for us to
the WAY

we must
get out of
our own way.
(david WELLENS, WAY at Spiritual Networks)

I have been playing golf on and off, and I learned it late in life. Needless to say, I am not very good at it, but determined as I tend to be, continued hacking without much technique. I am taking lessons during my vacation these days and the coach spends all of his effort to undue all the bad habits I self-taught myself.

In the first lesson I was told that the right hand on the club just rests there without exerting any pressure. In the second lesson I was reminded to assume a relaxed pose rather than flexing my muscles. In the third lesson I realized that the swing comes from the hip, the arms just follow through.

Amazingly, without doing anything really, the balls flies higher, has more distance and is straight. As I saw the magic of the effortless swing unfolding I thought to myself, it is just like a spiritual path: when you get your self out of the way, the WAY appears.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be ...

Only the inadequate is productive.

If I had a Conversation with GOD, I would ask him if I could just fast-forward time and learn what lies ahead. I don't think it can be done because the future, just like the past, interacts with the holy NOW. It is in the present where our consciousness expresses itself. To imply that we can fast-forward this would be to say that we are predictable robots, not GOD's co-creators. That, anyway, would be my hunch, but whatever GOD's response would turn out to be, I am sure it would make perfect sense either way.

I honestly admit that I would love to fast-forward my life at times. I very well know that this desire is in conflict with everything spirituality is about, but desires are just that, mental constructs that don't take the well-meaning advice of others into consideration. I feel i am in a professional pressure cooker and it irks me not to know how this story will end. I want this pain to go away, but of course, and most likely luckily for me, I can't.

As I had these thoughts I had the realization that this pressure does in fact power the engine that keeps me going. All the injustices, all the disappointed expectations, all the scores that I still want to settle, even the fear of not making it; they all fuel the subconscious necessity to keep going, whether I like it or not. Goethe's quote comes to mind; it is often the most miserable who push the hardest. All this stored frustration has to go somewhere otherwise we would simply explode. This quest will one day come to an end, but for the time being, the show must go on.

"Relax, let your hair down, just wait and see what will happen; it gonna be fine", is the advice I am giving to myself. Not that I have much choice in the matter anyway, but that's how it always turned out in all prior pressure cooker situations. Who knows, perhaps that's exactly what GOD would say to me in our conversation as well.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sexual Healing

I spent years in adult only rooms exchanging sexual fantasies with likeminded horny folks. I thought it was an ok past-time having some mutually consented steamy fun, a meeting of like-minded ordinary people with the occasional trip to the wild side. When my spiritual path opened up, however, I realized how poisonous this passion was for my peace of mind, so I had to stop it, whether I liked it or not.

I don't have many regrets about what happened in my youthful "Sturm und Drang" period, perhaps for the reason that I never met anyone for real. I felt that most of my counterparts in the the AOL and MSN chat-room communities were just other bored people who wanted to spice up their imaginary bedroom a little. But then, today I even wonder whether meeting people for real would also not have been much different. Whenever real people meet, the spiritual path is also nearby to drop some first subtle, and then some not-so-subtle hints to change course. Whenever people get together, GOD has a habit of being around; bedrooms are not excluded.

The future of this sexual fun will probably get wilder and steamier with every decade that goes by, but it will also get more isolating and more addictive in the future. With the help of virtual reality we can today create whatever the mind comes up with without involving anyone who might spoil our pleasure trip. This entertainment is bound to be addictive. You zoom into the pleasure zones of your brain to reach orgasmic highs and keep GOD for a short while at bay to tell you what really goes on. Being in real relationships with others offers the door for sexual healing; zooming into your wildest sexual fantasies only puts your ego on steroids.

I am sharing a note a wrote years ago on this subject. One day it simply hit me that in good sex thoughts simply stop and the pleasurable feelings take over. Sex is nothing but a steamy dance of partners who get so lost in the frolicking and swaying that the thoughts have no time to pop up. In contrast, spoon-feeding sugar to to the lustful voice in your head leads to an organic high with a nasty hang-over. It doesn't matter whether you are spiritual or not, we all crave peace of mind, so please try sexual healing instead.