Sunday, May 29, 2016

Carry On

Though I've never been through hell like that,
I've closed enough windows to know you can never look back.
If you're lost and alone,
or you're sinking like a stone,
carry on!
May your past be the sound,
of your feet upon the ground.
Carry on.
Carry on, carry on.
(Fun, Carry On)

In the symbol of Taoism, yin and yang happily coexist side by side. Both sides respect, define and complement each other. Similarly, can you imagine light telling darkness that it has no business being there? Planets like the earth give the sun a purpose, to enable life by channeling its abundant energies. Physics will tell you that where there is a sun and a planet orbiting around it, one side of the planet always has to be covered in darkness. 

It is a noble and our GOD-given right to follow peace, love and happiness by traveling a spiritual path. But when against our best efforts an unknown dark force erupts, triggered by events that are apparently outside of our conscious control, we need to understand why. Maybe we negate something about ourselves by always reaching for the light. Maybe we haven't quite found our life's purpose and need reminders that now is a good time to change course. Or maybe we buried our passions in the name of spirituality while the shadow encourages us to embrace them. In short, just maybe we abuse ourselves by always trying to be nice, balanced and self-less. Whatever it is, it is only fair to accept that we are human, and we can use these set-backs as stepping stones in our journey and learn to be a bit smarter and wiser next time around.

It is true that drunkards and thieves come out at night, but it is equally true that the darkness of the night rocks us in a beautiful sleep, connecting us with our SPIRIT. Similarly, there is destruction as well as potential hidden in our shadow. GOD talks to us all the time, reaffirming our steps as we advance on our journey HOME, as well as telling us what we can do differently when we miss a step along the WAY. When we deliberately miss a step along the WAY we will only self-attack, but when we stumble inadvertently, the WAY has a sign waiting for us to grow out of the darkness.

Thus far we have only embraced half of our journey and looked down on the nightly excesses with spiritual arrogance. Shouldn't we be proud of our human heritage? Just look how far we have come so do we really need to beat ourself up over a missed step here or there? When sleepless nights bother us we may me in need of some adjustments along the WAY. Let's find them. When we stumble, let's make it part of the dance!

Lets not attack ourselves for being human. Who knows what the shadow episode was for. Maybe we hadn't quite understood some subconscious processes, whereas today we do. Maybe the pain of the temporary separation from the WAY gives us the necessary will-power to try harder next time around. Maybe we finally have figured out how to combine our passion with purpose. Or just maybe we only need to be a bit more understanding and kinder towards ourselves.

When the self meets the SELF, when man finally lives in harmony with SPIRIT and when yin merges with yang, we have earned to right to get a good night's sleep. Until that blessed moment, let's carry on!

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spotting the Beauty Within the Shadow

When I worked with my colleague for the first few years and observed how fast he climbed the career ladder I figured that he got there with some underhanded means. I may have been right in my assessment, or I may have been unfair to him; it was probably a bit of both. But all of that is water down the bridge today. Around the time when my spiritual path opened up to me I discovered new qualities in my colleagues that I had never perceived before. As the years went by, I perceived an entirely different person.

The colleague who later became my friend is just like a mirror. When I changed, he changed with me. So when I finally approached him as a friend, that was exactly what he turned out to be. Maybe I changed my friend for the better, or maybe he changed me. Again, probably a little bit of both; we both lifted each other up.

I was thinking about my curious friend when I reflected on my demon inside. Whenever I think of this aggressive and violent force that I initially perceived within myself, this shadow seemed like a monster. But when I started side-stepping the battle of good and evil, everything else in my life changed with this new perspective. The force that I had called names before had many unrecognized qualities. A diamond emerged from that dirty piece of coal. Shadow work is a conscious choice away from what pulls us down and a step up the stairways towards a higher level of consciousness. But just as much as it is a choice for something different, it is simply a change in perspective as well.

Just with the power-hungry colleague of mine who later became my collaborator and friend, what beauty have you been overlooking in your shadow struggle thus far? What authentic powers haven't you granted yourself yet? Find them! Utilize that magnificent power that has been hiding within and catapult yourself to the next level of consciousness, simply by leaving the battle of good and evil behind. There is a gem waiting for you in the shadow.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Experience the Pain Body

"Until you heal the wounds of your past, you are going to bleed. You can bandage the bleeding with food, with alcohol, with drugs, with work, with cigarettes, with sex; But eventually, it will all ooze through and stain your life. You must find the strength to open the wounds; stick your hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories and make peace with them." -- Iyanla Vanzant

A pain body is stuck energy that we have accumulated for a long time.  If you want to observe your own pain body, you can even sense this field when it is activated.  In this negative energy field all kind of stuff is accumulated, such as memories or emotions that didn't get discharged when they happened. They linger in you.  When something similar happens to you, this energy field is activated. You can simply observe how you deal with this energy that suddenly bursts to the surface. Examples in this direction could be ...

- when you feel angry when someone pinches your pain body, and you witness helplessly how you cut him to pieces and feel afterwards bad about it.

- when you feel sad, do you cry or do you feel numb? 

- when you feel anxious, do you do deep breathing exercises or do you run around like a headless chicken?

We can observe how we deal with different emotional states and see if we adjust in any way when they show up next time. Are we just like robot and always respond in the same way? Do we change when we observe that the inner robot gets activated?

A robot response just means that we are driven by the emotions of the past. Our system literally shuts down and we go on auto-pilot. Over time this energy field becomes so large that whenever it is activated, we can basically observe that we are no longer ourself. We are driven and controlled by outside forces. When the dark cloud has finally passed, we cannot help wondering what exactly has happened to us.

Try to be aware of your pain body and stay present when it is activated.  Observe and sense all the pain that is flowing through you at this moment.  Allow that movement for that is the only way to dissolve it. If you really allow it to flow through you, you can sense how the energy field is changing forms, from anger to sadness and finally peace.

Why don’t you give it a try? What choice do you have anyway!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Observing the Angry Robot at Work

Have you ever observed what is going on inside of you when someone upsets you?  Have you observed how you are increasingly getting worked up until eventually you are entirely driven by your anger?  Did it ever occur to you how robotic you get in these moments?

When you keep observing what's going on you find that you in fact start telling yourself a story, and you increasingly believe in it as the emotions are rising. You can literally feel the energy field called anger. However, this anger is almost like a balloon.  When you are angry, the balloon is ready to burst, while when your anger is gone, all the air has deflated as well. It is only then when you open up to a different perspective. It is only then that you would consider listening to the alternative story.

If we have experienced over and over how we have fallen into this trap, often realizing that our story wasn't right after all when we pick up the broken China from the floor, perhaps we can teach ourself some patience. Perhaps we withstand the air pressure of the balloon allowing it to deflate as we calmly breathe during the crisis and let the negative energy field come and go. 

The specific story line is not even that important for the spiritual traveler. The important thing is to realize that there is a negative energy field that is at risk of taking us for a ride. Only when we can distance ourselves from our story line are we able to objectively observe and understand what’s really driving us. There is a trigger that gets activated. There is a subconscious pain body that is way bigger than the issue at hand. We often realize after the anger is gone that is wasn't even worth our while to make a big fuss.

We write about these themes because we want to be free from the robot inside. The WAY wants us to be free as well, hence encounter after encounter with these psychological triggers is carefully planned by a higher authority to help us to discover our pain body and to help us deflate it and disentangle ourself in the process. 

May wisdom arise in us; may awareness shine and may life keep on sending us these messengers that help us to become masters of our own life!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Transcending the Battle of Good and Evil

Isn't it true that some substances are objectively poison and harmful when used in the wrong circumstances or quantity, but quite beneficial when applied in the right doses when used in fighting diseases or pests? In the same fashion, could we try to step out of the good and evil battle that we perceive within and try to find a new perspective that gains a new meaning to the monster that we perceived before, and make him an aide instead?

Kim-Anne Jannes wrote in "Das Ich als Lehrer des Lebens" that she met in her life a monster that over time transformed into a beautiful dragon, in fact protecting her against evil coming her way. I can't say that I ever met a real monster, but I dreamt of one:

Scary as this dream was, it was liberating in some way as it brought in the open conflicts that were previously hidden in the subconscious. The monster that I met in my dream was aggressive and violent but I wasn't afraid of him. From the day it revealed itself to me, both of us knew that we were on equal footing. I spent a few years arm-wrestling the monster which was a complete waste of time. The break-through happened when I finally asked what it wanted from me, "manliness, assertion and recognition" was the answer. All goals are just fine with me, so I hit the gym, and otherwise just had to follow the leads of the WAY. After that break-through conversation I had finally reached a modus vivendi with the fellow within.

It turns out that in my role as financial strategist assertion is something that comes with the job. When someone is buying while another is selling it doesn't help either party to sit on the fence. Too long I tried to be diplomatic only to find that I upset everyone in the process, myself included. Being assertive doesn't preclude kindness. It is a little like removing a band-aide, you help the patient best when you just get it done with. At work, when investors get a straight-forward "yes" or "no" from me it may hurt for a moment if they are positioned differently, but later they will thank me for pointing them in the right direction.  

It is not hard to be assertive along the WAY since we constantly receive little nudges from our environment. Answers such as "yes, no, no, yes" are not thought-up, they simply roll from our tongue and we are often unable to say where exactly the response was coming from. While I can't say that Kim-Anne's dragon is following me around, a higher power is intervening on my behalf in the background.

Where is your battle residing and how can you grant yourself new authentic powers by sidestepping the conflict of good and evil altogether? Try it, your sanity, well-being and success will thank you for it.

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Carry On 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Journey to the Core

Sometimes we cannot experience peace in our life; perhaps this movie has been playing for a long time, it is only that we lost track of the root cause of our struggle because all the chapters look so different to us. Perhaps we meditate and do all sorts of spiritual stuff to calm ourselves,  but no matter what we do, this turbulent emotion just keeps coming to the surface. If you are experiencing something like that, it is a sign that you haven't yet faced the real issue behind your struggles.

Deep down inside you know exactly what your issue is and when you reflect on the struggles in your life, you also know what to do to tackle it. However, with your avoidance and fears you are just adjusting the facade of things and move around the edge of the circle, never really penetrating the core. Nothing is ever accomplished this way.  How can we solve our issue by dealing with something that is not really related?  It is like having a kidney problem and the symptom is a rash in our skin. By applying all kind of cremes we might be able to alleviate the symptoms but can never really solve our problem.

The same rule applies to the lack of peace we experience.  How can we have peace if we never really address the issue that haunts us. We fantasize how we might find peace one day, how we will be eventually enlightened by improving ourselves, but fact of the matter is that unless we experience the break-through today, we never will. It takes courage to face our issues; it takes determination to take the necessary action to change the programs of the past. So instead of complaining, we can decide today to take the full responsibility for our life. 

Join us today to take the plunge to the core!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Life is Wild - Dive In!

Happiness means welcoming what is.
(Allan Schnarr)

Have you ever wondered why we are constantly annoyed by people and situations? Have you ever questioned your reactions to life's demands?  Very often we take our reaction to a situation for granted.  We are supposed to feel annoyed when things don’t go our way, right? Please respect the problems that confront you. What exactly are they trying to tell you?

Truth of the matter is that our attitude towards life's so-classified "problems" either create a break-through or cause us continued suffering. Every problem is hand-delivered; it is a "present" just for us. Life is wild though, so if you expect well-defined problems and cookie-cutter answers you will likely be disappointed. Dancing with HER is a full-contact sport. 

Do you think we will still feel annoyed or bothered if we respect every surprise that pops up in our life as a message from HER? Will we still be bothered if we feel in our bones that everything life confronts us with is designed to bring us HOME? Just like with our emotions, life's ups and downs are here to help us find the WAY.

Dive in friend - life is wild, it cannot be planned and not protected against. We spiritual travelers surf the same waters as everyone else, yet, we likely have more fun than those who resist the current or want to go against it.

By Christian and Su Shen