Monday, July 6, 2015


Constantly torn between "if it's meant to be, it will be" and "if you want it, get it".

Someone distributed this paradox in the Spiritual Networks community and admitted that she does oscillate from time to time between these two extremes. When I thought about this tension I figured that there is a pretty simple solution to the problem: just declare: "If you want it, get it, inshallah!" Isn't this little "God willing" suffix what a spiritual path is all about? Of course we want you to follow your soul longings, but please let God guide you in your quest just to make sure that you really like what you end up getting.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dark Force - Be Gone

The dog days are over. The dog days are gone. Here come the horses, so you better run.
(Florence and the Machine, Dog Days are Over)

A post by Doreen Virtue from December 2012:
"It must be frustrating to be dark energy right now. No matter what the dark forces do, in spiritual truth, nothing bad can happen to us:
• Our soul is eternal and can never die.
• Even if we’re “killed,” we can come right back if we want.
• We can always choose happiness, no matter what’s going on.
• No one can take away your inner peace, unless you allow it.
• Love is the ONLY power that exists, in spiritual truth.
• Everything always works out for the best.
• Crises bring out the best in people, and cause them to band together.
• There are great blessings and progress that arise out of tragedy.

By choosing peace, love, and forgiveness you are completely insulated from dark forces. Because dark forces only have power if we individually allow it to take away our peace-of-mind.
Choose peace! You can almost hear the dark forces saying: “Curses! Foiled again!” Hang in there! We’re almost over the hump of exiting the old energy, and bringing in the Golden Age.

Please don’t drag along the old energy with you.
Let it all go!"

Whether I personally had a chance to let it all go by December 2012 I cannot tell. What was curious though, I wrote a very similar note at exactly the same time:(
Now it is July 2015 and I can proudly state that I let go of a dark force that I have tried to shake for a good seven years. It is not easy to let go what you think is important to you even though you know that it hurts you. The snake has to wiggle a little to let go of its old skin but eventually it just falls off. So another spiritual traveler has left a dark energy field behind; will you be next?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Thank You

I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life.
(Dido, Thank You)

We enjoy our encounter with people in our daily life; a sincere "hello" to a stranger walking on the street, a warm greeting to the concierge of our apartment building, a cheerful "hi" to the waitress in the restaurant, or a simple “how are you?” to the cashier in the supermarket. All these short interactions warm our hearts and lift our spirits whenever we make a meaningful connection. We enjoy all our little encounters; the words don't matter so much, these meetings are really energy exchanges. 

And then there are the more involved relationships that we treasure so much, our family, our friends and the people we spend so much time with in our daily activities. When we form a loving friendship we naturally support each other. But more than that, we discover why we are here: to experience pure love! Every group of like-minded people builds on each other and the union is so much stronger than the sum of individuals. The support of the group lifts everyone who is part of it. You can feel the Holy Spirit amidst the union. Fact of the matter is, we have a soul partnership with everyone. Please make sure that you find your ways to celebrate them daily.

See how differently you feel when you hang out with your friends, and when you are willing to share your emotions with others rather than facing them alone. You are a part of a network of connections, ready to receive and exchange feelings, moods, ideas and inspirations. Give and receive them freely and enjoy each other's company. Friendship, family and love is a big first step towards creating Heaven on earth. You and your soul mates are going Home together, each lifting and guiding the other. Taste the trust and the peace to be with a loved one; experience the fire of merging with another soul.

On this special day we thank everyone who joins our journey and gives us the chance to experience love along the Way. Thank you!

By Christian and Su Zhen

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Problem with Casual Sex

A spiritual author once remark that when you sleep with someone you carry an invisible bond with that person for many years. As a first thought you might ask, what is the problem with that? After all, isn't the whole point of spirituality to unite, integrate and bond together? Well yes, but will you understand the energies that you are carrying with you afterwards? The whole point of spirituality is to bring subconscious processes out in the conscious. If you live with your partner for decades you cannot help merging into one transformed being. Growing up together and synchronizing spiritually is often fun, but there are also these periods when you experience extreme stress and pain. It is hard to let go of your old skin and grow into a new one.

A different author had the suggestion that epilepsy is the remnant energy of an overactive sexual lifestyle in a previous life. Whether this is true or not I certainly don't know, but it would be consistent with the idea that casual sex leads forms an invisible bond between people that needs to be worked off afterwards.

All these ideas were running through my head as I bumped into an attractive woman with a superb figure. Of course our testosterone levels run wild when we have these encounters, but for anyone who has been in a long-term relationship, you also remember the incredible uphill struggle to make it work. The purpose of the body of the opposite is to get hooked and fall in love with a soul. Enjoy the honey like a bee when you discover it, but don't jump from flower to flower to find a better quality. Enjoy instead the spiritual transformation process of two souls that become one.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fifty-one Percent

The partially innocent are apt to be quite foolish at times.
(A Course in Miracles)

I had a strange vision the other day. The number 51 appeared in front of me. That was the hit ratio with which people at work did the "right thing" from a spiritual perspective. It was literally like an on and off switch. There were the times when you knew you had to step away from the interaction because your counterparts literally seemed on auto-pilot, and then there were those blessed opportunities to open the door just enough for you to get the foot in. But all the while you felt that time was on your time because the hit ratio is 51 percent.

Fifty-one is my number. I always work under the assumption that people just mirror back my own struggles, inconsistencies and doubts. I feel fine with that. I always go to work every day, put in my heart and soul and then try again the next day after a good night's sleep. I have two missions at work, my own personal agenda, as well as my spiritual mission to heal, unite and the mentor. I feel fine going back and forth between these two mission; I am passionate either way and let the Tao tell me which hat I am wearing in each interaction.

I always fear the moment the Course in Miracles alludes to, when I find that I was the partially innocent who suddenly looks foolish. Unfortunately this is a risk we have to take. Again, it is never about the others, it is always about yourself. Cut out all the conflicting energies that are running through you and the environment you are dealing with will change with you. Never ever think that you are here to change the world. It is the opposite; the world is here to help you discover the Way leading you Home. No matter what happens to you, you can always walk away with your head held high after the job is done. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Sign

I wrote this note below a while back, and it may have been a little confusing given that the historic backdrop was do unusual, and the story is also a little weird, but I think the theme is spot on:

Sometimes you get a divine symbol to engage in a spiritual mission that is not do kosher, not so clean, and sometimes really, really messy. 

The other day, I was sitting in my office and got my symbol of synchronicity that always tells me that divinity is in the air. I had just finished lunch and was about to start working when I dropped the food box and my carpet got stained. I did my best to clean it up but the contours of a symbol remained on the carpet, which looked to me like a 7. And then, all hell broke lose; both professionally and on a personal level. I have been working on all these issues for a while now; some are already solved to perfection, while others still need a few more weeks or months to be put behind. The clean-up process is not yet completed, but one day it will be. To me that is what the symbol of the 7 stands for. I also trust my symbol of synchronicity that the final outcome will be good.  

Whether I was reading too much into my little faux pas the other day or not, I can't tell. What I can tell you is that divinity sometimes takes the form of the loving and benign, as symbolized by the Hindu Goddess Durga, and sometimes as a Force of destruction, as symbolized by Kali. Embrace them both, for both will lead you Home, each in their own Way. When the sign appears, you better get ready to dance.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What's Your Mission

Before the truth can set you free, you need to recognize the lies that are holding you hostage.

I have a personal "mission statement" at home in which I put all my achievements, goals, dreams and aspirations. I borrowed this concept from Kerry Spackman's "The Winner's Bible", and would recommend this methodology to everyone. It sounds so easy to write down what truly matters to you, but especially for us spiritual travelers it can get confusing very fast. What is an ego desire, and what is a soul longing? When does an egotistic whim take the Self hostage, and when are you putting your authentic needs second in the name of spirituality?  Our brain always manufactures a "truthfulness" around all our desires, but attached with every kosher spiritual goal and authentic ego desire, there is also delusion, repression and naïveté. A spiritual path is defined to clean this up for you. Your mission statement can help you sort things out.

God says in Neale Walsch's "Conversations with God", if you want to head north, what is the point of driving south? Try to figure out what your overriding goals are and go after them. For me personally, I had never any problems writing down my spiritual goals. The cover of my first book, "The Magnificent Experiment" is page one of my bible, followed by all the ideas for the next books. But what about my professional goals? How about my personal goals, like my looks or my financial standing? Would that be vain and greedy? At work, should I focus on my own promotion, or on mentoring others; can I perhaps do both? 

There is only your way, and you have to figure out for yourself what works best for you. Your soul longings have to be taken care of, and that includes the ego needs just as much as your spiritual goals. The trick is to acknowledge and embrace what you truly care about, and let the Tao purify them by sending you on a mission that is meaningful to you. Write your goals down; aim high but be flexible enough to rearrange them when you start discovering conflicts. That is what the Winner's Bible is for; a soul searching process for discovering your mission. Why don't you get started today.