Friday, January 18, 2019

Kundalini Rising (Continued)

The reason you feel emotions is because of the chemicals released in your body, but the reason that the chemicals are released in your body is because of the vibration that’s going on within you.
Abraham Hicks

Michelle Obabama once gave the political advice, ‘when they go low, you go high’. This might as well have been good spiritual advice. Did you ever notice that the ego is a low energy vibration? Never mind the logic of the voice in my head, I can literally feel it when the ego realm is activated in me. Something just feels out of kilt inside.

I had a strange experience the other day. My pain body was triggered, my thoughts we running amok, when I realized that with my spine erect, somewhere around the neck area there is a place where once the kundalini energy passes through it, all thoughts stop, and the pain body vanishes as well. It was literally the higher vibration that bereft the ego’s oxygen.

The seventh chakra is understanding. It has nothing to do with logic. It’s a feeling instead; a vibration. Kundalini energy activates the center in our head, and kundalini energy can be stimulated with the help of rhythmic breathing and a kosher lifestyle.  In my experience, kundalini energy rises in proportion with our spiritual evolution.

While our chakra energy centers open up when we are ready for spiritual break-throughs, kundalini energy can nevertheless be activated with the help of physical exercises such as yoga, meditation and deep breathing. Give the ego and your pain body a time-out by vibrating yourself out of these lower energy dimensions. This year, why don’t you pick up a yoga discipline or join a meditation group.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Choice

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
Viktor E. Frankl

I still remember the rush that I experienced when I found that quote in the introductory pages of, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. “Yes, that must be the definition of ‘the choice’ that I somehow always tried to write about!” After the initial rush was over though I wondered, “Well, isn’t this always the case? What exactly is the new insight in this statement?”

Actually, I believe that ‘the choice’ describes our spiritual journey in a sentence. Yes, we always had a choice, but not really. Old reaction functions and prior conditioning ran us before our spiritual journey kicked in. Now, with the spiritual path communicating to us, we perceive number sequences as our friend talks. We hear the lyrics of the songs on the radio. We perceive an energy level in our friend that is different from the words that are coming out of his mouth. The Way is bombarding us with information, all the while our feelings speak to us. Along the Way the mind is vowed into silence, moment by moment.

It turns out, we have a choice after all! The choice to step out of our old conditioning. But then, do we really have a choice? Probably not given that a higher Power is taking over. Anyhow, walking the Way is a lot more fun than walking by our lonesome self.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Recognizing the Workings of the Way

Your Free Will is your bondage.
Ramana Maharshi

I will never forget the month when the PhD trained scientist started looking for messages in Massachusetts license plates. Or the month when I started reading and  following the energy of people, never mind what they said. It is said that in the olden days we heard a Voice that made us do things. We didn’t have a choice then. We just followed the Way.

Christian love is noble, but it isn’t always the Way. Being mindful is a good step towards God, but it too doesn’t provide all the answers. The Way talks to us in people and events, the feelings of our hearts, and the whispers in our head. The Way is the journey back to the olden days when there wasn’t a free choice. There was only what we had to, because!

Heaven is in earth and earth is in Heaven. The moment we understand that wisdom we can drop all notions of good and evil, loving and hateful, useful and not worth our time. When you ask me for a formula what to do and how to proceed I respond, just open your eyes, listen to your heart, feel and understand the Way. As an example, how does it help you to always be loving if you abuse yourself?

The same information link of the olden days still exists. The same rays connect all of us with Heaven. We just have to reconnect to ‘what always was, what always is, and always will be’. Along the Way, Free Choice doesn’t make any sense. Reconnecting to the Way is a lot of fun though. Why don’t you study the workings of the Way for a few years and tell us about it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Minding the minder of the voice

Sometimes when we mind the voice,
we fail to realize that the minder
is yet another ego manifestation.

Our feelings have a life of their own,
let them play, let the roam freely.
Be one with what is, not what should.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Let’s be humble

You need humility to climb to freedom.

All my life I have been the best,
well, nearly the best,
towards the top anyway.
To be ‘the best’ is a matter of
opinion as it turns out.

Yet, here is the spiritual realm
working hard is not useful.
Striving to be enlightened
is an oxymoron. So let’s help
people instead and be humble.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Awake to the Story of ‘Me’

Awakening can happen in a flash,
and in a flash we are changed forever.

When we enjoy the ‘here’ and ‘now’,
we are blessed with the divine God connection.

Alas, when we get lost in our thoughts,
or our emotional pain body gets the better of us,

what a priceless opportunity to understand
that we merely tell ourselves a story.

We can Awaken to the Story of ‘Me’
and suddenly we are Home already.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


I was born to a complicated family.  Both my parents’ former spouse died unexpectedly in their twenties.  They also got together in an unconventional way.  My father moved in with my mother to a strange village he never lived.   It means that my father has a lower social economic status in this family.  I think this arrangement influenced his confidence and self esteem.  I could sense this since I was little.  It seems to me my father lived with this shadow his whole life.

This whole situation influenced my confidence and self esteem as well.  I always felt like an outsider in the little village I grew up.

We lived in a remote village in Yilan, Taiwan.  Both my parents were farmers.  They worked very hard to support our family.  When I attended the junior high school, I didn’t have any self confidence at all because it’s the best junior high school in that county and it’s in the city.  For a farm girl from a remote village, I felt terribly bad about myself.

In my lunch box, there used to be just rice and an egg.  One day, one of my classmates asked me how come there was only an egg with rice?  Just imagine how I felt.

Although I didn’t expect I would stand out in that school as I used to be in my little village school, I stood out again.  And one of my best friends was the daughter of a local rich and powerful family.  I still remember how I felt when I was invited to her house for dinner.  Her mom served us with lobsters, shrimps, and lots of crabs.

Out of good luck, when it was time to go to college, I was lucky enough to go to the best university in Taiwan.  And then my self esteem plummeted again.  Most of my classmates are from Taipei.  I was from countryside.  I felt that I was like a barbarian.

After I graduated from graduate school, I hung out with lots of American, expatriates from all over the world, powerful and rich people.  I still remember how I felt inferior when I hung out with them and their spouse. How I felt inferior as an Asian!

It seems to me that my whole life has been battling with low self esteem and inferior issues until my father was very sick.  It was until that time I realized that, race, social status, education, appearance, job, none of them could define me.  They are just like garments we put on our souls.  Deep down we all are the same.  We all age, will die one day, get sick and lose our loved ones sooner or later.  We all have the same fate.  It was until that time I recognized my essence.  It was until then I could hang out with people with different social status and races with ease.  We all are one.

By Suzanne Yang