Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Goodwill Currency

A colleague who grew up in Czechoslovakia during the communist regime told me that in those days when there was little output available, people would trade services instead. The teacher gave after-school lessons, the butcher put the good piece of beef aside before the high ranking party officials could take them and gave it to the one who was throwing a party, and the carpenter build the furniture that the newly-wed needed. So they all traded with each other until everyone had what they needed.

An economic revolution is in the making and modern society is changing on us. Goods becoming cheaper and more available all the time. Soon there will be the robots that manufacture the robots that manufacture the goods. With little capital requirements and abundant energy - thanks to solar and other technology advances - goods will one day become cheaper than water. And while all of us may already have what we need, we still need something to do; a raison d'ĂȘtre so to speak.

What if the services we supply to each other are off the economic grid just like in olden days Czechoslovakia. I write spiritual blogs, someone else distributes recipes that millions of us download. Someone manufactures furniture with the human touch and customer-tailored artistic designs; others do sculptures, paintings, psychic, yoga and healing classes. Who knows, perhaps we will have one day our own currency, the GOD's WILL buck so to speak.

Many of us may operate in both spheres making bucks in the commercial world just as using our talents in GOD's sphere as well. Some may choose the simple lifestyle operating simply in the GOD's WILL environment and will be taken care off just fine. It is a parallel existence next to the old established society. Chances are, as time goes by, GOD's WILL is going to capture ever more hearts and souls.

Monday, July 25, 2016

On Fear

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. (Oscar Wilde)

Have you ever allowed yourself to experience your deepest fear and insecurity?  Have you ever observed how twisted your defense mechanism becomes to cover your insecurities?  Have you ever followed the mental scare stories leading you into extreme scenarios of catastrophy. Say you have mental visions of ending up homeless even though you are in a secure marriage with a steady income. In order to compensate for these fears you work as hard as you can even though everyone else would tell you that you are doing just fine. And even if it is your fate to get laid off one day, all your hard work will not be able to prevent it anyhow.

Or say the bills for your children's education are piling up and you wonder whether you can't cut corners somewhere. Life is designed to confront us with our demons, so the sooner we admit our deepest fears and insecurities, the better the changes that we can deflate them before they become monsters. Life just responds to our fears and aspirations.  When you truly observe what life has in store for you, there is always the opportunity to not only slay the dragons of the past, but instead using the rocks someone put in your way as stepping stones to develop the confidence to put all these fears behind you. Just as the college bills are piling up the housing market is doing well again and you find that a second mortgage covers them.

If you read this you are probably already aware how this deep fear sabotages you from living your life to the fullest. You probably also understand that no matter how much you are compensating, you never will have full security. Congratulations!  If you see how your fear is driving you, you have made first contact with the demon who chased you all your life. We don't claim that we have Oscar Wilde's carefree attitude either, but we have discovered that along the WAY we are led step by step towards freedom from the conditioning of our past.

Although we cannot promise you that you will be free from this fear forever, what we can guarantee you is, from this moment, this fear cannot drive you as it used to do. You were all tied up before.  But now you are free to walk around with this fear being made plainly obvious by all the choices you are taking. You sign your son up to the expensive treatment to better his health even though all charges are not covered by insurance. You send your daughter to college even though it does cost you a second mortgage on the house. You finally realize that this fear is not an enemy but a poor little guy who simply needs some love and attention.  You realize how some negative childhood experiences scarred you psychologically but that this scar wears off over time. You have total compassion towards the little scared guy inside and find a compromise that works for everyone, yourself and your SELF included.

That's how the TAO works - no one has to sacrifice along the WAY. All you need is boldness and understanding and you will travel far.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

As Within, so Without

Have you observed how our mood is influenced by the environment we are in?  Perhaps you have also observed how we try to fix all the situations we are in according to our expectations.  If this is happening to you as well, this is a good time to change a few things.

Perhaps instead of trying to fix the external world, why don’t you sit down and calm yourself first?  Most of the times the perception of the situation we are in just reflects how we feel at this moment. If we keep fixing stuff with little visible improvement, if we keep chasing something without getting it, or if things just don't come our way, perhaps this is a good time to sit down and do some meditation instead.

We can observe all the symptoms when we are stressed by events. We lose our balance; our breath is fast and shallow, and we feel anxious. Try to center yourself and try doing things the other way round. Get your inner world back in order and see how suddenly everything falls into places.

Center your heart especially when you are sailing in a stormy, dark ocean.  Get in touch with the peace deep inside you.  Let the peaceful energy radiate from you and let the rest of the world converge with your energy instead.

By Su Zhen 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Facing our Fears along the WAY

Step into the fire of SELF-discovery. It will not burn you, it will burn what you are not. (Moji)

I remember how one of our star-investors described the experience of the job we have to do.  He said, imagine that after a speech you are the first to start clapping. And say eventually everyone joins in but you have already moved on and give a standing ovation while everyone else is still sitting. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be if you are clapping while everyone remains silent, or if you are standing up while everyone else remains seated. Well, that's the job an investor has to do, always leaning against the wind to find that opportunity that others haven't been willing to embrace yet. 

I am sure some people would love this kind of excitement, but I hate drawing attention to myself. That's why this comparison spoke to me so much. And while I passionately hate being wrong it just so happen to come with my job so I stick my neck out when I have to. A man got to do what a man got to do, right?

All these thoughts were coming to me when I awoke from a strange dream; a nightmare really. I dreamt that I had invited my neighbor over for coffee. I was the neighbor who lives in that big mansion next to me, and who always keeps a safe distance and hardly talks to me. The problem was that we somehow met at my old parent's old home that was woefully ill-prepared for this social encounter. We had an awkward small-talk and I did my best to put something together for him but I had neither the ingredients nor the pottery to make it work. In any case, we somehow coped, surrounded by dust, both of us tried our best to make our encounter a successful one.

What are your fears? I just described two deep-rooted fears of mine. Like inviting people over to my home. I always go overboard preparing for it to somehow overwrite my subconscious shame of having had an untidy childhood home, or I try to push it out for as long as possible until my wife starts complaining. So I cope as best as I can to minimize the pain of my social anxiety, while I simply can't do anything about my other fear, the anxiety to be caught on the wrong side of an investment call. I simply have to face it in order to earn my living. But isn't that how everyone copes with their fears? Some they dutifully face, day in, day out, while others they try to escape from as best as they can until life tells them that they can't.

All of us have "irrational" childhood fears and all of us have a mission in life. All of us have a support system to draw from and all of us have to offer the same support to others. Life acts up if we are unwilling to face our fears or unwilling to do our job. The surprising development in my dream was that my neighbor worked really hard to make this visit work. And that's exactly what happens in real life. The unexpected help from unexpected places will make the harrowing experience a little less so. Maybe we spiritual travelers have to work a bit harder than the rest, but it is worth our while. The older we get the more out-of-place the mask we refuse to take off will be. Be bold, stand up and clap while everyone is still sitting in silence.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Passion, Sweat and Purpose

Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person. (Albert Einstein)

Everyone has ego cravings just as everyone has a spiritual function. Life will help you digest your ego cravings. These desires can lead you just as much into nowhere as they can point you towards your spiritual power base. It is just a function of time before you discover what truly makes you happy. Einstein set out to discover the laws of the universe, and besides becoming a master of his trade, found spirituality on his journey. That's what a spiritual function is all about.

Your ego doesn't leave you without a little struggle; life helps you remove it for you. Layers and layers of personality identification get removed as you wrangle with life. A spiritual path is really a set of choices, left or right, love or ego cravings. Making the right choices is not so hard when they present themselves. But unless your heart is beating passionately for something, and you go after them with everything you have got, life cannot present the choices that are potent enough to help you transform yourself.

Life provides the pressure that forms the diamond in the rough; thanks to life's little cuts and impurities the initiation takes places that you one day will transform into a pearl. You actually don't have to sweat the spiritual path so much, GOD does most of the hard work in the background. You just have to be willing to sweat a little dancing with HER. You provide the passion and the willingness to take the first step and GOD will make you a master.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Towards Wholeness

In our life challenges unfortunately come our way. Sometimes these challenges simply overwhelm us, but especially then we need to have a look at the bigger picture. This is the time to remember our passions and no matter what, we should always find the time to appreciate the little things that make us happy.

Difficulties and challenges are part of life, but so is our love for people and our mission in life. Often these problems connect us with others and make us more compassionate because we understand that everyone stumbles sometimes. It turns out that these challenges are often blessings in disguise as they force us to turn to each other.

Often it is our disappointed expectations that cause the most pain. Life shouldn't be difficult we say, so when a crisis hits us we wish it away. So can we open up to life and welcome in fact everything that comes our way? Can we in fact let them teach us and broaden our life?  Can we discover that it is our narrow-minded mindset that puts us in misery instead?

Do you we need to feel miserable whenever a problem comes our way? Can we let the challenges be there, learn from them and at the same time recognize that GOD also provides us with countless blessings?  Can we learn to appreciate these blessings and at the same time use our creativity to transform all these difficulties into something beautiful and wholesome?

How different our life will be when we learn to see GOD's hand-writing in everything that comes our way. We are broadened, expanded, and feel blessed! May we all have the heart to appreciate our life; have eyes to recognize all the beauty; and use our mind wisely to solve the puzzles God has sent to us. Join us in our mission to become whole.

By Su Zhen 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let the SPIRIT speak through You

For it is not you who will be speaking, it is the Spirit of your Father speaking through you. (Matthew 10:20)

When you meet a brother he may come with an agenda, or he may come with the SPIRIT. Typically it is a little of both. Each encounter is an implicit agreement of sorts. Two people come together to either take a step towards GOD, or turn from the WAY.

Your brother may mean well, but he is also driven by subconscious motives he knows little about. By interacting with you, the bigger picture will become a bit clearer for both of you.

A light worker is someone who has let go of her conscious agenda and lets a higher authority decide how to proceed instead. Being a light worker doesn't prevent us from being confused about our own motives, but it does guarantee that every interaction is an opportunity to further our own healing.

Turn away from people with agendas; they are only worth your while if you have one too. The TAO is incredible that way; we are perfectly protected, people with agendas will simply ignore us for we have nothing to offer to them. So if someone with an agenda wants to play with you and you are tempted, know that you still have some homework to do.

The intention matters, everything else is of little importance. Desire to be healed and let the world heal you. Desire to have something else and you will be without compass. Join the WAY and let the SPIRIT speak through you.