Monday, September 24, 2018

God shines right through

There is
no thing to fear.
All is working
to your completion.
(Magister Daire)

There is no thing to fear.
The ‘thing’ itself is not real.
Many want to be some body;
disappointment shall follow.
We are no bodies;
God shines right through.

Sitting at the Dock of the Bay

It is a strange fact of life that one
seeks the Source, or God, when it
so happens that That Source is
all there is, anywhere and
(Ramesh Balsekar)

Heaven is in earth, and earth is in Heaven.
We can see That Source in purity only now and then.
Some people are seeking, pushing and pulling.
I am sitting at the Dock of the Bay with IPad in hand.
Ready to tell you all about it, when the time comes.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

When Things Don’t Go Our Way

Does it mean the whole universe does not love us when things don’t go our way?
Does it mean the whole universe does not love us when we are sick?
Does it mean the whole universe does not love us when we fail?
Does it mean the whole universe does not love us when our relationship collapses?
Does it mean that the whole universe does not love us when we are dying?

With total trust,
I know whatever is happening
Is for the best of my soul development,
and I am deeply loved by the whole universe
for support of my soul’s purification needs.
All the developments may not support my ego’s needs.
at this moment,
at this day,
I know whatever my ego is telling me is not true.

And I am deeply loved!!!

By Su Zhen

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Authenticity is the Way

I have found over the years of working with people, even those who have had very deep and profound awakenings, that most people have a fear of being truthful, of really being honest—not only with others, but with themselves as well. Of course, the core of this fear is that most people know intuitively that if they were actually truthful and totally sincere and honest, they would no longer be able to control anybody.

Today I found the ‘5 months clean’ celebration of a drug addict in my inbox. Actually, it has been at least that long since I heard from her. I remember the dark days when she would celebrate the 1 month or 2 months drug free messages, only to find everything destroyed a few days later when she openly admitted to everyone that she had succumbed to the affliction once again. It seemed like this struggle would never end. We shall see whether this attempt is finally for good but what gives me hope in her case is not only her amazing persistence to turn her life around, but also her truthfulness and openness with everyone when the dark ghosts had once again gotten the better of her.

Truthfulness is the way towards enlightenment just as Adyashanti highlighted in the quote from above. I find that fighting addictions and the process of letting go of the self have a lot in common. Our ego puts up a good fight, and it is painful to again and again be taken for a ride by this institutions despite our best intentions. It is a merry-go-around game that feels familiar to anyone who battled a compulsive habit before, one day on top of the ego and the world, only to find that the next day we are out to fool ourselves once again. Authenticity is the way to succeed! Let’s stop aspiring the be someone special and then it is easy to admit to ourselves and others when we are once again all-too-human.

I have only one goal, to be as real as they come—authenticity is the Way!

The Seat of Awakening

All you need to do is be an ordinary person, be sovereign wherever you are, and use that place as your seat of awakening.
(Ramana Maharshi)

People ask me for a process, a way towards enlightenment. How can that be? Don’t I write about the Way daily? Wasn’t the Tao Te Ching written 2500 years ago in China, explaining the Way in 10 000 poetic words? Not to mention the Bhagavad Gita, written in the country next door, India, just around the same time with even more specific instructions: do your life’s mission without losing much sleep over what exactly you get for it, it says. Express your drives and karma in a purposeful and passionate way. Yoshua emphasized the love for our fellow beings, while Buddha added compassion for everyone and everything. What else can possibly be added? No, the way towards enlightenment had been well-stated, if there is one thing we can add is this, claim your seat of awakening, it is right where you are.

I came across J. Krishnamurti‘ s description of rightful living, and I figured that this is as good a description of the process of enlightenment as can be:

To live without any conflict requires a great deal of understanding of oneself & therefore great intelligence—not the clever intelligence of the intellect—but the capacity to observe what is happening outwardly & inwardly, understanding the whole significance of living—which is, relationship and action. Life is action, movement, talking, acquiring knowledge and also relationship with another.

The brain has been conditioned, trained, to observe what is and to create its opposite: “I am violent but I must be non-violent”—therefore there is conflict. But when I observe only violence, the nature of it—not analyse but observe—then the conflict of the opposite is totally eliminated. It is possible to live that way—completely to remain with ‘what is’, then ‘what is’ withers away. Experiment with it.

Right action means precise, accurate action; not based on motive, not directed or committed. The understanding of right action, right relationship, brings about intelligence. That intelligence will dictate what you will do to earn a livelihood. When there is that intelligence you may be a gardener, a cook, it does not matter. Without that intelligence your livelihood will be dictated by circumstance.

There is a way of living in which there is no conflict. Because of no conflict, there is intelligence which will show the way of right living. (Right Living, Essence of J Krishnamurti, by Vinod Mittal)

You want to know the process towards enlightenment? Here it is: stop looking for enlightenment, just be one with the activity you are doing right now, the people you are hanging out with, or the conflict that is bothering you as we speak. Based on J. Krishnamurti’s description there are two different dimensions to the problem statement of rightful living, of being enlightened, the first is to figure out what exactly makes you happy, what to do for a living, who to hang out with, etc., while the second is to understand that no change in this world can make you any more enlightened that you already are, here and now. Do you understand the distinction?

Sure, look for what it is that you love doing if you feel dissatisfied at the moment. If you don’t feel fulfilled in your current occupation, look for that job, that degree, that promotion, that endeavor that allows you to express your passion and purpose. Same, with your love life and your friends. Look for your soul mate if you are alone, or look for your soul tribe too if the people you are spending most of your time with leave you cold. But don’t believe that any of these changes will bring you any closer to your final destination, enlightenment, you can only find more meaning and perhaps a bit more happiness. Enlightenment comes from the engagement with the present moment, the conflict, the longing, the aspiration, the fear, the excitement. Be one with whatever it is that you are engaging with here and now and you have found your seat of awakening right in the present moment.

Enlightenment is a feeling, a peace of mind, a mind blowing experience of connectedness with the Beyond. It is a Grace of God in the end. Here and now, however, are you with all of your tensions, conflicts, cravings and aspirations. Don’t do anything about them, just be one with them. No love relationship, no dream job or lottery victory can take those away from you, just be open to the present moment and watch them all dissolve into nothingness. That’s the process towards enlightenment, you dancing with the present moment here and now. The seat of awakening is right where you are. Claim it!

HIS Will, not Mine

When I trust the Holy Spirit (HS),
when the Holy Spirit encapsulates all I do,
when HS surrounds the I,
all I am left with is HIS.
HIS Will, not mine!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Just Tune In

To sin
is an interesting
the only sin
is this thought
that I could ever
be separate
from this
Unconditional Love.
We always are ...
Carolyn Wind

How can we snap out of the thought of having sinned?
How can we let go of the heavy feeling in our bones?
Is it a decision to let go of the sin?
Is it a symbolic act of repentance?
Does it happen by God’s Grace?
If God is Unconditional Love, then we can just tune in.
Being here and now with God, the sin never existed.