Friday, April 28, 2017


The unconscious mind stores all our experience, and directs us to act. (Sigmund Freud)

We are often influenced by energy without our awareness. Unbeknown to us we have subconscious drives, fears and desires, and are propelled by the energy of the situation we are in, or the people we are with. We are bumped around by forces seemingly outside of our control. We are puppets in a cosmic play until we awaken to our history, to our soul mission and the energy dynamics of the circle of life.

My autistic son gets anxious easily. When he gets anxious, I am pressured to respond quickly to his destructive behaviors. I am sucked into his emotional turbulence just as he might express a deeper emotional turmoil in myself that I used to understand nothing about. There were the days when this pressure lasted 24 hours, sometimes for multiple days. When you are thrown into a situation like that, you feel breathless and tortured.

The other day I had the most remarkable break-through guided by my spiritual mentor. I had a past life therapy. In the session I realized that I was put into a prison for a murder I didn’t commit. I was eventually hung to death in right front of the public after I was brutally tortured. The way I died created a big turbulence in my soul. You can imagine that I died with enormous hatred, stress, and strangled. This imbalance is still with me and it seeks expression.

I had not been aware that I had this dark spot on my soul, and my emotionally autistic son has activated in me. Finally, I am able to see that connection. I stressed people out, consciously or subconsciously, and they mirrored this turbulence back to me until I stressed myself out. Finally I am able to step out of this vicious cycle.

Today I am able to see the way my autistic son behaves just reflects the energy I am carrying with me. This energy wanted to resurface and express itself so that she can get healed. The job is done. There is no reason for her to linger. Thank you, my dear son, for this healing chance!

By Su Zhen

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why To Fear the Ebbs of Life?

We are scared of negative things coming our way: negative energy, destructive and hurtful emotions, negative thoughts, and unfortunate events. With our fear and our resistance we cannot really experience them fully or even allow them to flow through us. It’s very much like we don’t like rainy days or that we try our best to block negativity out of our life. However, our effort is in vain and we just can't shake the negative feeling until we have truly digested it and let go of it. Resistance and fear only delays the unavoidable and the experienced pain is so much harder.

All these struggles come from our mind labeling these events as "bad" first. We take all these occurrences and threads personally and they threaten our ego. The truth is, life is going to happen regardless of whether our mind agrees or not. The truth is, our mind doesn’t know anything about the future. The truth is, our mind doesn’t have trust in GOD.

We never really know what life is going to bring to us if we refuse to experience it, or even worse, if we already label it as "bad". We have lots of negative thoughts while we meditate. We have lots of fears about life. Sometimes there is so much negativity flowing through us that our body hurts or malfunctions. At the same time, these are the times to start digging deeper. These are the times to understand what conflicts we truly face.

The ebbs of life are there to remind us that life is an ongoing lesson and a priceless opportunity to let go of subconscious tensions. It is the time to understand ourselves and change accordingly. Life is peeling off all these layers which are not us. Life is the best life coach there is and life is definitely working in mysterious ways. With trust, we march accordingly!

By Christian and Su Zhen

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Misunderstood Manliness

As a child I used to lie in bed at night with my pistols, playing a fantasy game of Indians and Cowboys. Of course, I was always the hero in it. I remember one day asking myself, "am I not a little too old to play these fantasy games?", I played them anyway until the day when I grew out of it.

Penis size is the ultimate phallus symbol. I remember hanging out with some of my student friends when one girl out of the sudden asked, "who here finds large penis sizes attractive?" No one spoke up. I remember thinking, that's an odd question but otherwise didn't have any feelings either way on the subject. Years later when I hung out in sexual chat rooms, or while watching pornography, I realized that size did act as a subconscious power symbol to me. Apparently I mistook muscles and magnum sizes as symbols of manliness. For some people they definitely are but I grew out of this fantasy as well. The women in my life taught me differently.

At work I always had the desire to be a maestro of my craft, a maven of financial market strategy of sorts. Also, in my spiritual journey I had the image of becoming a master at using synchronicity and reading the signs to be perfectly in tune with the environment I am in. Sure, I am good at what I do professionally, and I also have countless moments of spiritual connectedness that work in my favor. Today, however, I understand that the craving to be a maestro at work and a mystic master is misunderstood manliness as well.

Life just is. There is a time for success and a time for failure, a time for joy and a time for sadness. We spiritual travelers ride the wheel of life just like everyone else. Today I am a man! I am whole and I am traveling the WAY. A whole man has no need for phallus symbols or idols - the WAY renders them completely useless.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It Shall Pass!

I used to think that I am the only one who is suffering while every one else is having fun. Today I understand this is just a story I created for myself, and therefore inflicted more pain than there should have been with my self-pity.

We are here to learn. Life is for us to enjoy, to appreciate, and to learn regardless of what life throws at us, and what life cycle we happen to be in. There is always something we can learn in our different life stages. Our dream that there will be a perfect time when we can finally be happy is an illusion, it is the carrot in front of the donkey never to be reached. As is the assumption that everyone does well while we suffer.

We just need to learn to tackle our issues and have fun at the same time! It’s hard to balance the two, isn’t it? That’s exactly why life is so exciting and fun! Are you ready to dance with life? I am!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Spirituality is Love

We don't have to tell children about spirituality. If anything, we should listen to them instead. We men also don't need to tell women about love. Chances are both they and our children are much closer to their hearts than we are.

Some scientists claim that the universe hangs together with floating strings. If that is so, these strings probably swing to the sound of GOD's music. LOVE is GOD's universal language and we can find it every day and in most interactions with our environment. Take a look around and find the love and magic right next to you.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Personality Wheel

There is a way we think,
and a way how we interact with people.
There are the things we do,
and there are our expectations, disappointments, pleasures and fears.
There is the way we feel and the mood we are in.

You would think that all these thoughts, actions, anticipation and feelings reflect our self, yet, a spiritual traveler will tell you that that is little consistency in all of this. Our brain is wired to perceive life as one connected story line, but fact of the matter is that we alternate different planes of consciousness all the time, triggered by events, people, thoughts and emotions.

It takes spiritual maturity to discover the plane of consciousness we operate on. It takes practice to calm the mind in life's ups and downs to have that awareness. Yet, it is possible. Our energy, our thoughts, the way we feel, and the unfolding events tell us where we are in the ego versus SPIRIT energy field. Moreover, every spiritual traveler will tell you that we can always snap out of every ego energy field in a heart-beat. Life encourages us moment by moment to get lost in the holy NOW and let the energies that are running through us be.

How is your personality wheel spinning these days? What outcome has this note activated right now? Do you know who exactly is talking, thinking, feeling and acting? Is what you think, say or do of the ego or the SPIRIT? Is perhaps the ego crying murder in your brain while the SPIRIT induces you to lend a helping hand?

Do you have the support system to give you feedback. Do you have the means to calm your mind and re-connect with your passion and purpose? Be aware of how the personality wheel is spinning moment by moment and be free.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Let Life Set You Free

The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego. The second half is going inward and letting go of it. (Carl Gustav Jung)

There is a subconscious VOICE inside of us - the CALL to come HOME. There is also lots of subconscious and repressed human stuff that we know little about. If anything, we spiritual travelers are even more at risk to repress stuff in the noble quest to be good, loving, ethical and co-operative.

Life has a habit of bringing all these handicaps and interferences, as well as the VOICE out in the open. We spiritual travelers have an edge in identifying the VOICE, not because we are any better than our agnostic brother, but simply because we look for it. Where we can do a lot better though, we should also become more open to life's problems, unpleasant truths and ugliness. Facing life whole-heartedly will propel us on the journey towards freedom.

The sooner we realize that life is less about getting what we want but instead about opening up to what message life has in store for us, the sooner we are able to work through all the interference and are able to follow the VOICE on our journey HOME. The trick is to engage with life and fully embrace it. If we continue with our spiritual stuff of always following what the so-called True Self wants we can certainly feel good about ourselves but we will not change anything. No, life helps us to understand who we truly are beneath the veneer. Engaging with life we will become even more spiritual, yet in others, we will become more human.

Life is bound to connect us to this ancient VOICE while helping us to let go of everything else. Along the WAY all authentic needs are fulfilled and we are sent on a journey of joy, peace of mind and abundance. Engage with life and find out what you truly desire. It might be a bit messy at times, but it is finally a quest for freedom. You will understand what you are not, and all the rest will simply glow through you without sticking to you. Let life set you free!