Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Be Creative

Observe yourself in your interactions with others. See how your energy shifts as you talk with different people. You can literally experience how your mood changes when you talk. This is a great opportunity to understand the power of your thoughts and your reactions to others.

Observe how your mood fluctuates as you talk. This is the time when you can understand how you can create a special moment for yourself.  When you only focus on the negative aspects of the people you are with, observe how your belief system is going to create this reality.  As you engage with your conversation partner you create a story of yourself, of your partner and the situation you are in. As you tell this story you start believing in it. Just think about the creative powers that you hold at that moment.

Complaining is not good. It is a negative energy spiral that only strengthens as you both engage. We are not saying that you can't give negative feedback when the others ask for it; we are also not saying that there are not negative situations you can be in, but we would encourage you not to make the negative energy stronger by harboring on it. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Feel free to tell your conversation partner that you have to go when you find the conversation is going downhill. It is like being an artist who stops painting because his brushes need cleaning. A conversation is a holy encounter that should never be tarnished by negative energy spirals.

Instead of wasting our time complaining about the cards life has supposedly dealt us, we could be grateful for every day, every minute to live and to create. We make good use of whatever the Tao has brought into our life. We could see the upside in every person, every situation and every mood we are in. Again, it is not that Tao travelers wear rose-colored glasses, it is that we have the divine opportunity to create with what is; and what is, is often not what appears to be. It takes a Tao traveler to sculpt a divine creation out of the clay of life.

We appreciate the friends we are with; we are grateful for the situation we are in. Our focus is never on what we can get out of a situation; our focus is always to see Her standing next to us. Holy Mother we are grateful for inviting us to be your divine Co-Creator!

By Christian and Su Zhen

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Enjoy the Creative Age

Creativity and Imagination shall be the Stability of Thy Times.
(Quote at the Lego Store in New York)

Have you swung with Sia from the Chandelier? Have you shaken it with Taylor Swift or have you banged banged all over someone with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj? Something is changing these days. You can feel it in the air. It is more than just having good sex. It is a feeling of letting go, of uniting passions, Spirit and living.

The Creative Society is completely new and it is coming out of nowhere. Sure, the 70s were also about letting go after the repressed 50s and early 60s, just as the roaring 20s were a consequence of the stuffed up Victorian times. But these were just counter-reactions that fizzled over time; the Creative Age is wo(man)'s epoch of breaking free. It is crazy at times, often irrationally exuberant but it is a true process of spiritual awakening. Creativity, art and Spirit go hand in hand. You can't have the one without the other.

Sure, the ego will come and try to capture it. I have seen parents help their children found Indian dancing schools with the motive of getting them into MIT or Harvard. But they told everyone about it with so much glee and pride that soon all Ivy Schools will be showered with applicants who claim similar artistic initiatives. True art, genuine spirituality and a passion for creation cannot be faked. It can only be lived. 

Economies and societies are changing. The top programmers at Google, Apple and Facebook can no longer be lured with money alone. Creative, artistic and life expressions are as much part of it. And it is not only the smartest of us who get the prestigious job. I presume that we will reprogram our value systems in coming decades and will reevaluate the jobs of nurses, teachers, artisans, artists, stylists, entertainers, et cetera. In short, everyone who interacts with others will find that only spirituality gets you connectedness, economic security and happiness; everything else will be outsourced to robots and computers. 

Enjoy the Creative Age!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Swaying With the Music

William James, the famous psychologist, was lying one day in his cold New England room under his cozy blanket and was agonizing about the question whether he should get up. Then one moment he just got up and asked, "So what about my will? Somehow the decision to get up just happened. Why exactly did I get up?"

Believe it or not, his insight - simple as it seemed at the time - was in fact revolutionary. Scientist have run neurological studies of people who had a decision to make. Somehow the "system" knew about the decision even before the person became consciously aware of it. A light bulb literally went off in their head before they knew about it. The "system" knows and the "system" initiates while we are consciously explaining afterwards why we did what we did.

Consider this experiment. Some people were hypnotized and told to get up in the next business meeting and water the plants in the room while the business session was progressing. That's exactly what they did. You can imagine the surprise of the meeting participants. When they were later asked why they did what they did, they gave explanations like, "I suddenly realized how thirsty the plant looked. I simply couldn't wait." Not a single participant said, "You know what, I don't have the faintest idea why I did what I did."

The system knows and you just follow what a higher authority does convincing yourself that you are in charge. But don't get me wrong. I am not saying that you should stop looking for answers with your rigorous thought process; neither am I saying that you should stop listening to the intuition of your heart. I am also not saying that you should stop looking for love and try living a spiritual life. All I am saying is that the wholeness in you knows when you know what you know. You do what you do because somehow it is useful for you, making mistakes as much as having insights. Life unfolds through you in all areas of your life; even the seemingly unimportant question when to get up.

You are part of a movie. Just let it flow it through you. Make your perceived choices, struggle with heart-wrenching decisions; you can make it a mission to become somehow "enlightened". Experience the joy of moving psychological issues and behaviors out of the subconscious into the conscious. But in all that, relax as well. She is in charge; you only think that you are in charge. Get lost in the movie you call life and find your Self in it. Break trough imaginary walls in this divine Matrix. When every choice you face has literally become a no-brainer you know that you are Home.  Thoughts just "know" and feelings "feel" what the system experiences. Just as William James suddenly just got up, when you are with Her all you ever do is to sway with the music.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Leaving the Dark Night Behind

I am not what happened to me.
I am what I am choosing to become.
Carl Jung

There was once a proud and strong nation. People were furious; humiliated by the allied forces and angry at their own shifty political establishments and the lousy economy. But there was suddenly hope; the "Fuehrer" would be making things right again. They gathered late at night and watched forceful processions of soldiers and tanks; beautiful tall, blond women were marching as well. The fire was burning in massive vessels meters high in magnitude. They were enclosed by huge buildings constructed in the Greek-Roman style; they literally felt the power of the Fuehrer in the architecture. They were also tired as they had been standing for hours. But then he came and gave a rousing speech, delivered with the help of powerful speakers at a volume they had never heard before; he was full of power, hatred and force and he sucked them right in like a vortex. When he finally asked, "Do you want the total war?", they could only shout in unison, "Yes!"

Have you experienced this dark night before? The 2 am moment when depression sucks you in;  or the phallus symbol that whispers in your ear, "I give you this power if you give me your soul"; have you felt this anger that sweeps you off your feet? The temptation that is impossible to stand up to? The fear that you want to stop somehow? The greed, that tells you you need to have this object, this person, this power or this status? If you have experienced this moment in the dark night then just perhaps you have some understanding for the German people who experienced mass madness when they elected Adolf Hitler as their Fuehrer. 

I would conjecture that most of this evil stuff that happened before, and is still happening as we speak, is mostly subconscious. Many of us are just driven by programs that are beyond our conscious control. If you look carefully it is not that hard to notice when people are somehow on auto-pilot and are just reacting to triggers that move them around like puppets. Some are the good cops in this theater play - for example the greatest nation that defeated the Nazis - while some are the bad cops - the many Germans in World War II who committed terrible crimes; yet most still just follow subconscious programs.

A spiritual path is the awakening process from this dark cloud. Like Buddha, we start rewiring our brain. Like Jesus we start understanding what symbols stand for and confidently state, " Get thee behind me ego". Like Lao-Tzu, we start recognizing the yin and the yang around the Way. We are taking off a mask that we have worn pretty much all our life. It is hard work, yet it can be done. We are not robots and once we start opening up towards life we will have many friends who are happy to help us remove layer after layer of psychological protection. It is hard work and that is the reason why so few of us are really bold enough to go all the way. Yet, it can be done. Leave the dark night behind together with us.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Big Shift

I am sitting at home and seek at-oneness, truth, love and wisdom in my spiritual writings. I am at work and live it. The Big Shift - the Second Coming - happens because there is a revolution within. We don't have to try to change a thing; God does that for us. All we have to do is to follow our spiritual path and live it in the "real" world. The Big Shift is within us.

Friday, November 21, 2014

I Am Here for You

My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3.  Yet, it was only recently when I found that over the last 10 years I’ve done my best to prevent myself from experiencing this pain and hardship of raising a disabled child. I didn't join parents' groups on Autism because I was scared of facing their and my own pain; I didn’t do as much as I could have done for my son because I was scared of all the hard work. Now looking back I realize that it was "just" my fear of facing the situation.

When your path is destined to go to the valley, you may just wander around to avoid that journey. But deep inside you know that you are just wasting your time. You are going nowhere until you have faced what is.  Yet, when we face what is with courage, suddenly, we realize, it is just an experience. Why should we be scared of experiencing something and insist that we should only have bliss in our life?  

Can you imagine the pain when you know that your child is different? Can you imagine the pain when you see a loved one is dying? Let me tell you, it really, really, hurts!  It was a special moment when I cried out loud for my child and held him in my arms?  Finally, I am ready to go through all these difficulties with him. Yes, my dear child, let me hold your hand and walk you through this dark tunnel!  I am here for you!

By Su Zhen

I am Vulnerable

I have an autistic son. For a long time, I’ve tried to keep myself positive and happy.  I meditate, write, chant, and go to workshops. I even practice healing sessions for others. But helping my son is beyond me; there is little I can do to make him feel better. Now, I understand, going to the deepest valley is part of life's experience too. I also realize that some of my positive living philosophy was an escape from the feeling of helplessness and fear. Now I accept the situation that my son and I are in. Yes, I am vulnerable, very vulnerable.

By Su Zhen