Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lovely Day

When the day that lies ahead of me
seems impossible to face.
When someone else instead of me
always seems to know the way;

then I look at you
and the world's alright with me;
just one look at you
and I know it's gonna be
a lovely day.
(Bill Withers, Lovely Day)

I am hardly a saint. I swear, I bitch; I throw stuff on the ground to express my frustrations. But I never give up on the future either. My frustrations are always about mistakes of the past or about obstacles someone puts on my path. Yet, as I look ahead, I always forget about the baggage and the obstacles and look for the opportunity to launch something bigger and better.

You may ask how one can stay constructive about the future when you feel fed up. Go home, play loud music, get drunk if you must, but never let go of your vision to think big and your mission to be great and to serve others in the process. Start the next day with twice the determination. Always remind yourself why you do what you do, and who you do it for. Chances are it gonna be a lovely day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Accept Who You Are

We all have some negative attributes we want to hide from people: our pride; difficult and painful stretches of our lives; some perceived weak spots or big mistakes of the past. When we try to hide these from people, we in fact don’t accept these parts ourselves, and therefore lose the opportunities to do something constructive with them.

We have an image we want to maintain. This image puts us in denial with what really is going on. When we accept what is, when we embrace our so-called weak spots, then we are suddenly connecting with the power of the TAO: we become whole, stronger and more connected.  We are suddenly one with the flow of life and will find ourselves more accepted by the people we are interacting with for the simple reason that we now accept ourselves.

The image we have in mind is that of heavy armor. Protected like a knight we find ourselves in a beautiful flower field and suddenly become aware of the fact how disconnected we are from our surroundings. We drop piece after piece of heavy metal until we are completely one with nature. It takes trust to let go, but that's what the TAO encourages us to do all the time.

Let the TAO help you open up to life. Own all your attributes, the good as well as the stuff you are still working on. Let go of your heavy armor and become free.

By Christian and Su Zhen 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Am That I Am

Have you ever observed what's going on when you experience ecstasy?  And have you observed what is happening instead when you feel depressed? Monitor how you talk to yourself, and be aware of how you interact with others. Maybe it has even happened that you feel ecstatic in the morning, but are already depressed when the night falls.

This is actually a good time for you to realize that neither state is the true SELF.  When we feel happy or experience success, we think this is how we are. We wouldn't admit it to ourselves, but we subconsciously feel superior when we are riding high. But then, when life gets us down we mind that others apparently are on the up. This is the natural reaction when we identify ourselves with life's ups and down. Nether state is of GOD.

When we don’t identify ourselves with either state, we have our freedom and clarity.  Suddenly, we realize that every state is just some energy flowing through us. We don’t hang on to life's ups and downs. We learn that it is as futile as trying to grab air.

We let different energy states flow through us, freely, easily, and peacefully. However, that doesn't mean that we don't feel terrible when we are going through tough times, or that we don't feel exhilarated when GOD's blessings are bestowed on us. No, we monitor an existence beneath it all. We learn to see what actually is, and not what we think. We experience the upside in a miserable situation just as much as we perceive the inherent decay when we are riding high. We now happily dance with life and see clues that others block out because they seem to contradict the prevailing feeling at that time. 

We are neither young nor old, neither healthy nor sick. We are neither happy nor unhappy. We neither succeed, nor do we fail. We are ...
... I Am That I Am!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Rocket Man

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
(Mark Twain)

Freud discovered a second driving force of man besides libido in his later professional career, the death instinct. In this case the expression "driving force of man" should perhaps be taken literally, given that women tend to be a bit saner than we are. Yet, whether his theory applies to everyone or not, Freud was probably on to something.

My own understanding of the death instinct is that in the first part of our life, we are simply too busy to realize that we are not the voice in our head, or some misleading feelings in our belly. We are who we perceive to be, and we take who we perceive to be for granted. For many it is only in the later stage of our life that we perceive a strange emptiness, and that we become aware of the distracting voice in our head. It is only then that we wake up to the fact that we are adrift, that something has to change, for otherwise we are on a meaningless odyssey into outer space.

The note is titled "rocket man" because I had the vision of a rocket that was blasted off into space with an idealistic destination, but somewhere in the middle of the journey it somehow goes off-target. We realize that we need to adjust, or rather, that we need to get rid of the interference that put us off-course, otherwise we and our mission are simply doomed.

The moment we discover the death instinct in us, we have in fact an encounter with the ego - the alien part inside that led us away from our SELF. The nice thing though, whenever someone confronts us with a life or death decision, many of us choose life. So what if it is a little painful to repair the rocket ship. We have life to look forward to and can finally wake up to our true mission. As Mark Twain was right to point out, this mid-life crisis awakening should be considered a happy event that has the same spiritual significance as our birthday.

It is a happy day indeed when we wake up to the SELF inside. Cut out all the interferences, brush off the dust you accumulated over the decades, and let the WAY lead you HOME.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Everything is Possible along the WAY

Many of us spiritual travelers dream of getting enlightened and living happily ever after. The reality is that we don’t really know right now what enlightenment is and how to get there. We also are not sure how exactly we will feel once this blessed state arrives. So instead of focusing on achieving some fancy goals, perhaps we can focus on what we can do at this blessed moment instead. What is holding us back from experiencing the here and now?

When we focus on what we can do at this moment, suddenly, we step out of our mind; a cloud lifts and the sun comes out. Moment by moment we are reshaping our lives and get a glimpse at how powerful we truly are. There is a method of living in the NOW. We can teach ourselves how to be mindful, how to spot distractions and quickly recognize missed steps along the WAY. A seasoned spiritual traveler will tell you that it outright hurts to be disconnected from the WAY; so we do whatever we can to cut out the interferences life's throws at us. 

Working on ourselves is just like working on a puzzle.  The more mindful we are about what is going inside ourselves, and connected we are with the outside world, the more we become aware of our SELF. It does get easier along the WAY; naturally, we start building something with the rock that life throws in our path. Enjoy the life of manifesting - everything is possible along the WAY.

By Christian and Su Zhen

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ikigai: Mission in Life

By devotion to one's own particular duty, everyone can attain perfection. Let me tell you how. By performing one's own work, one worships the Creator who dwells in every creature. Such worship brings that person to fulfillment.
(Lord Krishna)

The Japanese word "Ikigai" is similar to the English notion of avocation. Somewhere in-between a hobby and a purpose of life. The Germans have the word "Berufung" - one's calling - which is closely related to "Beruf", one's profession. That is, how nice would it be if ones calling could be one's profession as well. 

Lord Krishna's notion of "dharma" sums the entire paragraph up in one word: it is the idiosyncratic mission in life each of us has. All of us have a special calling, a profession or vocation that allow us to make a name and a living for ourselves, while expressing our soul longing and being able to serve others at the same time. Find your own 'Ikigai": the place where mission, passion, profession and vocation come together. Do that which you love; that which you are good at; that which the world pays you for, and that which the world needs.

One note of caution though, there is a tendency in our spiritual community to look for self-expression and to only do what one finds spiritually fulfilling. Going after your dreams is certainly your birthright, but please be mindful of the fact that the Bhagavad Gita's emphasis is on self-less service. Sometimes it is simply not about us, but about the people we serve. I would recommend patience along the WAY. If material needs force you to do something that you feel ambivalent about right now, maybe there is spiritual meaning in that situation as well. 
Your opportunity to express your passion will come; find that open door when the opportunity presents itself.

What's your mission in life?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Sexual Fantasies and CREATING in LOVE

I often read the Tarot Card of Day section in our Spiritual Networks community, and found a "Free Will" card the other day, which was followed by "Sexuality" on the next day. It was then when I came across davidWELLENS' CREATING in LOVE message:

There are no 
restrictions on 
which is the 
definition of 
(davidWELLENS, Spiritual Networks)

Sexuality is a natural expression of LOVE, so be as creative as you like in CREATING LOVE with someone you love. My only spiritual advice would be, create with someone you love, and not with somebody. Also be mindful of sexual fantasies for often they are the play-ground of our ego. The subconscious is always creating, and many factors are at play here. We can watch the thoughts and feelings that pop up from the depth of our being and can exercise our spiritual mission by responding to them, using our FREE WILL only to CREATE in LOVE.

Many of us have experienced that the ego is happy to engineer a battle of naked bodies in our mind or in the bedroom - that is the power of FREE WILL as well. Yet, many of us have also learned the hard way that where the ego is, LOVE cannot be. My biggest insight in all of this has been that feelings and thoughts come and go. We should never beat ourselves up over them. For judging is the same institution that wants to send us down the misleading pleasure trip in the first place. So why to give even more power to the ego? Judging, fantasizing, and enticing are favorite ego tools. CREATING in LOVE is the alternative FREE WILL endows us with. So let thoughts and feelings come and go like clouds drifting in the autumn wind. FREE WILL gives us the power to let the ones run that express our CREATION in LOVE.

Have fun CREATING in LOVE today :)