Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Battle of the Bodies

I always thought the church's attitude towards sex was unhelpful at best. By pretty much declaring sex a sin, you force believers to negate and suppress their natural desires. Its like pushing a basketball under water - you can try it, but the ball always comes up with a splash. Actually, I do concede now that this sex subject is perhaps a bit harder than I first thought. I had recently an eye-opener when I read "A Course in Miracles". It appears sexual fantasies are the direct outlet of the ego and mind-driven sexual fantasies naturally gravitate towards sin. Could it be that the church was onto something after all?

There is actually a big difference between having sex and imagining sexual acts. There is nothing sinful about having sex if this a true union between bodies and souls. With real sex, you will observe that the bodies just melt in the process, your mind and ego is out of the picture as well . Sex blows your mind and perhaps this is exactly what a part of your mind minds.
But what about having mind-driven sexual fantasies? This is the part where the ego takes over and here your spiritual journey goes downhill. The Course in Miracles states that the body is the ego's willing soldier. Have you ever observed how different sexual fantasies are from the actual act of sex? You fantasize about the body's endowments, and you potentially view the body as a weapon or a target. When it comes to the ego, size always matters. You will also observe that your fantasies rarely re-enact the physical union of bodies and souls; the fantasized act is either about domination, or submission, or both. Eventually, you stretch your fantasies further and further into lala-land until you end up with your definition of sin. I leave it up to the reader to fill in the details. Whatever you imagine, the ego will never get satisfied, this is his trade mark.

Just personally, I found the distinction between sin and ego helpful. I find it hard to stop a behaviour just because somebody tells me it's bad for me. But I refuse to be taken for a ride by my own ego. As always, once you look out for your ego at work, you will always track it down and, in the process, be able to shut it down. As far as "The Battle of the Bodies" is concerned, I am happy to dispel these from my mind once and for all.

Lastly, I view people now very differently since this distinction of body and soul first dawned on me. If you see some(attractive)body, stop and study his or her face and complete personality. You will see that the body immediately loses the sex-appeal. When you really look out for the soul of a person, the body just won't be in the way. Try it!

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