Sunday, May 11, 2008

Leben ist Weitergeben

I sat on the sofa today reading a book when it suddenly hit me: I am my mother and my father. For a moment, I literally saw the page I was reading through their eyes. I combine their qualities and strengths, and yes, I have their weaknesses too. But if I am them, then our sons are like their parents as well. And here lies the opportunity, if you change yourself now, you will change them with you. It's that simple. What an incentive, live your life consciously and empower yourself, you will change the world in the process.

I am an optimist, always have been and always will be. I think humanity is empowering itself, bit by bit, generation by generation. As we discover who we really are, we pass this knowledge on to the next generation. The Christ, Buddha and Lao-Tse accomplished the super-human task, but with it they trodded a path that we can still see. Every century brings more Sons and Daughters of God to follow. Many of us feel it already, we live in the age of empowerment: you and I may be next to follow. Just keep on walking on your spiritual path.

Leben ist Weitergeben - Living is giving. My mother said this out of the blue many years ago and the wisdom of this insight stayed with me ever since. Live your life consciously, built on your parents strengths and tackle a few pieces of life's puzzle yourself that they left for you. When you view your spiritual development that way it becomes fun, really. Happy Mother's Day and may your spiritual path be blessed.

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