Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who Am I?

You are the one who hears your mind talking. An amazing insight, provided by M. Singer in "The Untethered Soul". I got really excited when I reflected on this point. But reality soon set in afterwards. I see an attractive woman and sexual thoughts come to my mind. Clearly, the one who hears the mind talking then enjoys these fantasies. I see my successful colleagues and become jealous. I could go on with this, you probably could too. It appears that the one who hears yourself talking is you, with the self in front and the True Self somewhere hidden inside. At each point in time, the "you" is the intersection of these two selves.

I think it is in your power to bring the True Self in the fore consciously. When I walk or sit erect, breathe in and out through my nostrils and feel an energy wave moving up and down my spine, this is the time when my True Self seems to be in the fore. At this point everything is just Zen. Sexual thoughts just don't come; I wouldn't then even know what jealousy is; all these thoughts, emotions and feelings are just gone. Perhaps this state is something like a time-out phase. Only then I can fathom the true meaning of the insight "You are the one who hears your mind talking"; this time "You" actually deserves a capital Y. I would recommend this strategy to anyone, when you feel your ego is taking over, go into the time-out mode. You don't need to meditate to achieve this state. I can achieve it standing, walking even talking. Once the energy wave moves up and down your spine you are connected to your Source.

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