Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just Be Yourself

I sometimes wonder whether there would be a piece of advice I would have for my two little boys on the day when we send them off to college. It probably would be this: Just Be Yourself! I am someone who is still in the process of truly finding myself, so apparently this is easier said than done. Still, this motto should always be in the back of your mind. Accept who you are, don't try to satisfy other people's expectations. Do what you are born to do, give it your best and the universe will be on your side.

The Gita has a clear message on this point: Better to fulfil one's own Dharma, be it ever so lowly, than another's, be it ever so illustrious.

One question, though is how to get the insight of what you are born to do. This question is separate from what we normally discuss, i.e. finding your True Self by overcoming your ego. To the contrary, finding your passions in life can be, and often is, all about the need of working off your karma and the tendencies you still have. If you know off some literature on this subject, please let me know.

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