Friday, July 17, 2009


I have never been a big believer in affirmations just because I believe that my hidden self makes better judgements than my conscious self. But since affirmations are valued by many of my spiritual co-travelers, I made a few myself over the course of last year. Each morning I came to work I thanked the Source for bringing 3 things into my life today:

(i) many meaningful conversation
(ii) many spiritual learning opportunities
(iii) many opportunities to experience the divine connection with the Source

Over the course of last year I felt I experienced the divine connection much more frequently. Actually, I don't really seem to need affirmations to be connected. I also felt happy with the second point since I get my spiritual insights at the rate I have set for myself: one blog entry a week. If I wanted a more frequent pace, I could accomplish that as well. But the first affirmation was not quite as powerful as I would have desired. While it is true that I bumped into more people at work who had interesting work-related or personal insights to share, the progress nevertheless felt a bit unsatisfactory. In any case, a few weeks ago I dropped my daily affirmations altogether and the strangest thing happened, my personal interactions with people seemed to take off afterwards.

Go figure. If anybody has insights why this might be the case, please let me know

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