Monday, July 27, 2009

The Eye of the Tiger

Have you ever watched Tiger Woods in action, the way he focuses on the golf course? I have never seen a more intense look, perhaps not since Michael Jordan back in the days when he got ready for his last shot in the final play-off game. Nothing can withstand this will power; it is as if the universe bows to this incredible force.

Many spiritual experts claim that we have to have the eye of the tiger to move up the spiritual scale. Focus on every thought and move, keep your conscience white as bed linens and aspire only one thing, samadhi. Actually, I struggle a little with this concept. All my life I have been attracted by balance. My favorite golf player has always been Ernie Els - the big easy, though I have to admit that he has faded recently and just can't match Tiger's power.

I still think you can combine balance and focus. Take New Year's resolutions as an example. I try to keep my meditative calm in everything I do, but each year I zoom into one area of self-improvement. One recent example was keeping my back straight, since I observed that I had been hunching over a bit. While you are active, you always feel the pressure of the spine, until at one point the muscles take over. You can stay alert, mindful and relaxed, but you meanwhile let the body and mind work on something, one improvement at a time - a meditative eye of the tiger if you wish.

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