Wednesday, August 26, 2009


If you are a guy, you probably agree with me that one of the most painful images you can come up with is if something or someone squeezes your balls. As you try to wiggle yourself out of the position, the squeezing intensifies. You are hooked, there is nothing you can do.

Sometimes the "I" feels similarly owned by an unknown force. Thoughts, feelings, memories all bubble to the surface in what appears to be a targeted scheme. Most of the time we like the channel, or don't even realize that we experience reality TV. But there are times when you feel set up. You scream and try to flip the program, but there is no escape. You just can't control the bubbles that pop up.

What you can do, however, you can say no. It is your choice whether you just experience a sudden pop, or develop a train of thoughts, an intention and an action. Many people don't even realize that they have this choice of aborting a thought pattern. To go back to the image of the squeeze, you can say "Squeeze as hard as you can, I will not give in even if I faint or die". The moment you utter these words, the squeeze is over.

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