Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Sit There

We spiritual travelers have a common journey. One day one wakes up and realizes that there is a beautiful force deep inside oneself, hidden by what appears to be a shadow. You experience bright days during which you can see this force clearly in your life lining up like a red threat in whatever you do, followed by those dark days where you cannot see beyond the demands of the I. It feels like a twilight zone at times, exuberance followed by depression.

My own experience tells me that the best thing you can do in this phase is to do absolutely nothing. I have met fellow-travelers who want to drop everything and follow their inner voice. Occupations suddenly appear like cut-throat environments and meaningless, and one aspires to go out and help humanity with this newly found perspective. Helping other people is of course good, but do you really understand why you have put yourself in the situation you are in?Perhaps the people you suddenly find so annoying have an important message for you. Perhaps you desire to be somewhere else in the name of spirituality because you haven't overcome your fears and don't understand that desiring to build hospitals in Africa or being the best selling spiritual writer can be ego driven as well. Perhaps these annoying people and situations have the perfect learning experience for you in store here and now.

I had these thoughts when I read The Winner's Bible by Dr. Kerry Spackman. In it was a story in which a wise man explains the four steps on the highway to life: overcome your fears and your hot-headedness, see your powers develop but understand that in the end everything matters and yet nothing matters. So just sit there, do what you do and overcome your fears, don't be hot-headed right now and when your powers take off start moving along your chosen destiny.

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