Friday, October 30, 2009

An Observation at the Security Line

I was standing at the security line at Frankfurt airport to make my journey home when I had one of these moments that you have probably experienced as well, all the other lines were moving while mine was hardly moving at all. Well, I thought to myself, I know what will happen if I change lines now, suddenly this line will move instead. Given that I had plenty of time, I decided to remain were I was. A few minutes later I thought I could just run a little experiment, so I changed lines just to see what would happen. Well, it turned out that I was faster in the next line and I also seemed to have found the reason why: the security person who handled the bags at my initial line looked grumpy, while the security person I was dealing with looked happy.

Have a look at your face right now without checking a mirror. Can you feel some tensions in your face or do you see yourself smiling? Perhaps this could be a nice productivity booster when you do whatever you do for a living. Just smile, feel the energy of your friends and colleagues and know that you will be best at what you are doing when you smile.

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