Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Fires Together Wires Together

"What fires together wires together", Patt Lind-Kyle writes in "Heal your mind, rewire your brain" and this expression struck a cord with me. Watch out when the neurons fire passionately because chances are you are forming a track in your brain, a new thought pattern or memory, that will be hard to erase. The tao of life is to glide through life without any attachments. Once you are hooked, your spiritual journey will have to take a brake until you find a way to disentangle yourself again.

Passion versus enthusiasm - many spiritual writers use both words interchangeably, but my way of looking at the two expression is: 'passion,' the stuff that hooks you versus 'enthusiasm', the state of serene joy. These days when my neurons are firing the observer in me wakes up and says "oh, what was that about?" It is the same as a flash of fear, only the I perceives this state as positive instead.You cannot change the mental bubbles that are rising to the surface, but you can change the behaviour leading up to the event. The more mindful your behaviour is, the better your changes to stop the train of thoughts before it leaves the station.

Mind your passions, but may you experience many blissful and enthusiastic moments in your life!

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