Saturday, July 3, 2010


I was in a bar the other day watching the soccer tournament when I saw some advertisements on the screen next to it which appeared like some magic sex spell. It displayed young girls with lolita-like body postures. The slim teenager bodies had surprisingly big breasts and - me, being a man - I couldn't help being glued to the screen. Actually, the ad company was a little too effective in creating these images as for the life of it, I couldn't have told you what the ad was about.

I vaguely remember God saying in Neale Walsch's Conversations with God that you will always discover the soul of your sister or brother despite their bodies if you really look. I experience this most of the times. If you meet a breathtaking 'body' on the street and really bother to look at his or her face, something amazing happens - the gestalt changes into something else. Sadly, the sisters and brothers with the sexiest bodies often have plain faces. Exceptions to the rules exist of course, but then the gestalt changes into the most amazing art work.

So why was I so depressed the other day when the media got me? I couldn't get to the soul of the girls, my sex instincts prevailed. Well, it's a kind of a media sex spell. They define the environment you are in, and probably also used some digital magic to blow up specific bodyparts. Exactly the same applies if you go to a sexual websites or see pornographic movies. These scenes are designed to activate your sexual fantasies - and where your mind is, soul perception is hard to come by. It's like going to a magic show and being surprised that you cannot figure out the trick.

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