Friday, July 9, 2010

When the Rooster Crowed Three Times

He was an ordinary guy, with some Sunday School education and a church visit every other Christmas & Easter. His parents never pushed him to believe, and he considered himself an agnostic. Yet, for some reason he remembered the words of the Lord this morning "Before the rooster crows you will disown Me three times". It was an ordinary day, but his wife was leaving on a business trip and he was really looking forward to seeing a pornographic movie he had purchased a long time ago, but somehow never found the time to watch it.

When he put his one year old son to bed he got a little cranky since his boy was acting up again and we was ready to have his first glass of wine. He was lost in his thoughts about his upcoming thrills when he heard the interfering voice of his boy, 'Papa', 'Papa', 'Papa'! Only then did he realize that his son called him exactly at the time whenr he was thinking of his vice - It took him three times to realize and the story of Jesus and Peter came to his mind; what are the odds he thought to himself and he recognized his boy as a messenger of God for the first time.

The Law of Attraction claims that you attract all occurances into your life like a magnet. The Source connects the pieces in such a way that they become meaningful to us. If you believe in Christ, don't be surprised if His symbols show up. The more advanced you are spiritually, the more frequent these synchronicities become since your energy vibrations and thus your magnet becomes more potent. You also become more focussed and single-minded as you get rid of all the unnecessary clutter.

The story would never convince a scientist, but it can convince you if these events happen to you and if they start to multiply as you wander along your spiritual path. We are all connected and every brother and sister you meet has a meaningful message for you if you only care to listen.

May your path be blessed!

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