Monday, July 21, 2014

It is all about Your Attitude

Have you ever observed how your attitude towards a project pretty much decides the outcome? When you feel annoyed that you need to do something and you consider it a waste of time, guess what will happen, the anger and resentment will be building up until you ready to explode.

The magic is, as soon as you observe that you have an attitude, your annoyance and anger will disappear. Now you just focus on whatever it is you are doing. With this focus and awareness, anything that you are doing just flows through you. Activity now gives you energy instead of deflating you. Whatever we are doing can be a pure pleasure if we don’t contaminate with our thoughts and opinion.

Perhaps you can make a habit of asking before you start anything, "What is this for?" If you find - perhaps after a little soul searching - meaning in whatever you do the outcome will be a good one. Eventually a Tao traveler will find meaning in whatever comes her way, that's what the spiritual path is all about. But until you reach this stage it helps to step back from time to time and remind yourself what the symbolic meaning of your next task is. Chances are, a smile will come to your face and the job at hand will take care of itself.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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