Thursday, July 17, 2014

It is as it is

"It is as it is."
(Bill Belichick, Coach, New England Patriots)

We have a tendency to reject stuff that displease us. We sometimes label people as bad as well; perhaps a mean neighbor, or a grumpy colleague. We are afraid of diseases and mind negative thought patterns. All that makes us shy away from what is. We would re-iterate here what many spiritual travelers have said before us, honor what is. Often it is the thought, the anticipation and the regret of this the so-called negative event that creates the misery and not the event itself.

Apparently God - or the Tao - has no opinion about whatever is happening. Whatever has to happen does; it may be a natural disaster or a personal misfortune. The wheels of karma are turning, bringing down everything that stands in its way, just as they are lifting up everyone who is in the midst of the next wave of creation.

Our rejection of our experiences creates turmoil in ourselves and generates negative energy spirals. This is ok too. This rejection process itself is part of learning. When we suffer because of our rejection, when we feel unsettled inside, we know that something is wrong and we are eager to figure out what to do better next time.The trick is to step outside of the movie once you become aware of it. As you step outside of your opinion about the event - not to mention the destructive emotional energy cycle -  you realize that there is a silver lining in about everything negative, just as there is a downside in just about every "positive" event.

It is a learning process. Step by step we tear down our memory of previous psychological shocks. Someone who has burned her hand on a cooking plate instinctively pulls back the hand in a similar situation. Yet, the Tao encourages you to look at every situation with a fresh set of eyes. Sure, it takes practice to override memories but each time you sleigh a monster of the past, a present will be waiting for you.

It takes effort to step out of the negative cycle but it can be done. Life encourages us to step outside of our memory lane. No one will be able to push your buttons anymore once you travel the Way. We experience our life in an authentic way and taste whatever it is we are dealing with, be it bitter or sweet. Isn't a spiritual path exactly like this? Rules are dropped by the wayside unless they are dictated by the Tao itself. We live! Isn’t this is the purpose why we are here?

William Shakespeare once said, "Nothing is either good or bad, only thinking makes it so." Those are wise words indeed. Drop the moral standards by the wayside, live authentically and just see what happens. Along the Way you will perhaps one day conclude, "it is as it is, and as is, is good in its own right."

By Christian and Su Zhen

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