Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Power of Love

All relationships help us grow when we receive others centered in ourselves. When problems arise, and we have the ability to go deep inside ourselves, change always occurs in the process. We find that where there were problems before there is now positive energy. Reconnecting with our core always supplies us with a fountain of confidence, joy and strength.

Most of us blame others for our suffering. Well, that's a problem indeed because we can never really change others; we can only change ourselves. When problems show up just trust that others have a message for you, designed to reconnect you with your Core. Every disharmony in a relationship is an opportunity for growth. What do you think? It seems hard and unfair, doesn't it? Yes, it is much easier to blame others for the difficulties we come across.

When we wait on others to change, what we effectively imply is, "if you really love me, you will change to make me happy." On the other hand, when we always find our center no matter what, we are essentially saying, "I love you and accept you as you are." This is the Power of Love in action. Try it, it will bring handsome spiritual rewards!

A spiritual path requires relationships; you on your own you can accomplish very little. Yet, when you truly engage with others you will at times feel swept away like a leaf in the autumn wind. Fruitful connections require that you are centered in yourself. In fact, it is a mutual path of growth and spiritual nourishment: you can only love others when you love yourself, and you can only love yourself when you love others. Find your Self in others, and let others find your Self.

 By Christian and Su Zhen

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