Saturday, September 6, 2014

Does God Exist?

The first gulp of the glass makes you an atheist,
but at the bottom of the glass,
God is waiting for you.
(Werner Heisenberg)

What would I say if my boys asked me whether God exist? I would say, "Well of course, stupid"! But then, what would I say if a nuclear physicist approached me with the same question. I would say that God really stands for the highest symbols humanity can experience within themselves. We are born human but we can gaze at the stars with our feet safely planted on the ground.

Heaven on earth is as real as a self-imposed hell. You have a choice and you can experience unconditional love wherever you go. There is a magic thread always in front of you - the stuff that Heisenberg discovered as he ventured towards the bottom of his cup - you don't have to be a believer; you can start your soul-searching journey as an agnostic; but you have to be willing to give the God hypothesis a try. When you look for love, She will always stand next to you.

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