Sunday, September 14, 2014

Energy Masters

Did you know that everything we see, every material we touch and every person we talk to is on a microscopic level nothing but energy, magnetism and light? Do you know that if we walk into a wall an infinite amount of time, there will be one time when it lets you through?

String theory presumes that on the smallest level there is nothing but vibrations. Little strings that flow through space connecting everything with everything. The Hindus call this vibration OM; the holy sound that started the Universe in a big bang; the Torah similarly states that everything started with a word.

Do you know that the thoughts in your head, the emotions that you feel are nothing but little energy waves themselves. An energy master recognizes them as such and just let them pass without standing in their way. "Negative" energies get passed just like gas after a heavy meal. "Positive" energies flow through us in the same way. All energies just flow and none can touch and entangle your true core.

Spiritual travelers are energy masters. It is not that we manipulate anything, we are just existing in harmony with these vibrations. We rise, fall and swing in harmony with what is. When we perform so-called miracles we don't really do anything. We are just willing look through the illusions of the mind and the ego. All flowing energy always gives you a choice in the physical space. You can hold on to the entangled mind-world reflection that you know so well or you can discover oneness and love in everything that happens around you.

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