Saturday, September 20, 2014

Living with Courage

She was a young college student.  She had been together with her boyfriend for quite a while but it dawned on her that something wasn't quite right. She always had the urge to be on the look-out for other men although she never really took any action. Years went by and she felt stuck in this relationship until it came to this point when she felt that something inside her was dying.

With her back to the wall she decided to take a good look at herself and the situation she was in. She did not love this man. Instead she found that the only reason that she was still in this relationship was because she was afraid: afraid of being alone, afraid of telling him to take a hike and afraid of starting a new relationship. The moment she saw her fear, courage arose in her. Something came alive again and she was ready to take action and responsibility for her choice.

In our life we come across many situations like this one. It may be our jobs that we are clinging to; it may be our partners or our inadequate staff we are holding onto. We are afraid to let go of something even though we know from the bottom of our heart that it is not right for us.  This desperate hold-on-to something prevents us from experiencing what we really want.

What kind of fear holds you back? Which area of your life is stuck? Only you know it!  Whenever you experience big pain and struggle, there must be some hidden belief system behind it. Take your courage and take a deep a look. The Tao encourages you to lead an authentic life and be in tune with your heart. When you take the courage and go after your dreams you will feel peace every step of the Way. When you feel fear and interferences you know that something in your life needs adjustment. These little annoyances are encouragements really to start over again.

Trust, you deserve what you want and you can get what you want. Face your fears and submit to life. Changes will become automatic and they will be right for everyone involved. Along the Way everyone gets what works for them. Open up to unknown, and experience our life with courage and curiosity. Everything is possible along the Way.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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