Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Tao of Passion

Flowers do not struggle to bloom.
Water does not struggle to flow.
The sun does not struggle to shine.
Struggle is un-natural -
be like nature and go with the flow.
(Zen quote in Spiritual Networks)

We sometimes think of a spiritual path as a dance - you often follow the energy of your dancing partner and are gently swayed to places, but on occasions you lead as well.

You are part of an energy vibration wherever you are; the environment you are operating in and the people you interact with. When people you care for struggle you cannot help being under the negative influence, just as you cannot help rejoicing when they flourish. Life is an eternal up and down. Learn to be aware of these moments and give yourself the space and time to digest this energy flow. Just as with the weather, there are days when you carry an umbrella, days when you wear sunglasses and days when you better stay at home.

Be open to every situation that comes your way and the energy will flow right through you. It is the resistance to these energy fluctuations that bring trouble. Besides, there is a lot you can do to actively manage these energy fluctuations. Allow yourself to be surrounded with positive energy when the lifting gets heavy. Do the things you love to restore your energy balance.

Observe yourself, when you are doing something you love, you can always find a limitless energy supply inside of you. When you are passionate about something, the Tao will always be in harmony with you. But then, when whatever it is that you have to do becomes a drag, know that you must be overlooking something somewhere. Love provides the passion so when you find that the going gets tough remind yourself why your mission matters to you and your loved ones in the first place. Similarly, when you fail to see the purpose just drop whatever it is you are doing.

Love and passion give you energy and the supply is abundant. Whenever you find that love and passion, know that you are in tune with the universe and limitless energy is flowing through you. Enjoy the Tao of passion.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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