Thursday, October 2, 2014

Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ has come again (Revised)

When I was in graduate school many years ago I had a strange dream. Jesus Christ was actually living among us, but he turned into a drug addict - thousands of years of reincarnation took a heavy toll on him and his spirit finally gave in. I then saw myself marrying my wife and we both ascended to Heaven together. You can imagine my surprise when I woke up! Intuitively I understood what this dream was all about. It could only mean that I had to venture out in the "real" world and put my spiritual mission on hold. As it turned out for me personally, real world and spirituality don't have to be in conflict.  Today I have both feet in the real world while I am still able to share my spiritual journey with you!

A few years ago I came across A Course in Miracles. In it, the voice of Jesus is channeled through a psychologist, Helen Schucman, who provides a breath-taking reinterpretation of Jesus' teachings in today's psychological language. When I googled her life story, I realized that Helen Schucman might have been quite conflicted about these insights as she spent years in depression afterwards  - in apparent contradiction to everything this book is about. Yet A Course in Miracle and Jesus's teachings are very real and very relevant. At least speaking for myself, A Course in Miracles has transformed my life.

The spirit of Christ is with us always. You can discover it in A Course in Miracles or you can meet Him in every loving interaction that comes your way today. The spirit of Christ is wherever loving people are. Jesus the man did his work to discover the universal power of love for us; now we have to do our part. Re-live it, re-discover it but find your own unique way of expressing it. We already had the Christ and the Buddha and are consequently blessed to do our work on the shoulder of spiritual giants. So what's in store for us? For me personally, I discovered the Way - the Tao - in my daily work as a financial analyst. What spiritual insight will you pass on?

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