Friday, October 17, 2014

Make Peace with Yourself

What do you do when you find gray hair in your mirror? Are you able to show your weaknesses to your friends? How do you cope with failure?

We live in a culture that encourages us to show people only our positive side and hide our dark side. Spirituality is not any different. We keep our eyes on the good, on peace, on happiness, on God, not realizing  that in all the struggle for the light, the shadow only grows bigger. 

It is like we put on a mask when we are in a dark mood. "We fake it until we make it" is our philosophy. This is certainly more pleasant for the others we deal with but it comes at a heavy price to us. We also dislike admitting any weakness. It goes against what we see in the movies and what we read in the Law of Attraction books. So we do our best to get rid of these weakness or worse, pretend that it is not there. By pretending we start a war inside against ourselves. We engage in the yin and yang of good and evil and find that we alternate back and forth.

We accept ourselves and we accept you! Every unholy and dark desire that we have difficulties accepting always has an authentic element to it. Don't negate it in the name of spirituality. Just observe how turbulent you feel whenever you deny your being. Aren’t we supposed to be our best friend instead of our worst enemy?  Observe how often you have beaten yourself up whenever negative things happen in your life. Observe how angry and scared you get when you perceive a weakness in you.

Be patient with yourself. Everything our spiritual community talks about is true. Yet we are born humans not Gods. Bring your human dimension along the Way with love and respect. Give love, respect the struggles in others and love yourself. We are not here to be saints. We are here to be ourselves. The end of struggle comes when we finally make peace with who we are.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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