Friday, October 10, 2014

Soul Longings

In the spiritual community we tend to use the expression "soul" tantamount to the True Self, the quiet Voice, or the God connection that has been implanted deep inside of us when we left the Garden of Eden. To show our respect we even capitalize the word Soul. Sure, we can call all spiritual concepts however we like, but is this definition really useful? To me the expression soul captures something beyond the True Self, something in-between humanity and divinity. I would define our soul longing as a call to reach Home on a path that is meaningful to us. Each soul has a tailored spiritual path that honors its unique characteristics and needs. Our upbringing, our likes and dislikes, our nature, our capacity for suffering, and perhaps even our previous life experiences. 

The longings of our soul are multifaceted. It operates somewhere between Heaven and earth. Let your spiritual Path guide you and show you what is truly meaningful to you. Perhaps successes are designed for you not to relish in them but to discover that they are less meaningful than you had presumed. Perhaps struggles are actually appreciated on a soul level because it understands what cleansing function they perform. Let the Way satisfy the longings of your soul. Open up to life and appreciate whatever it brings you.

Norman Mailer put it beautifully in his book, "On God - An Uncommon Conversation" when he remarked that for his best books, the angel and devil on his shoulder were equally excited about the upcoming project. That is what soul longings are all about; it is a mission to get stuff out of your system. All your longings may not be pure but your mission is. Let the Way bring you soul fulfillment while guiding you Home.

I bow to my work - it expresses the longings of my soul perfectly.
I bow to my spiritual community - it gives me a taste of Home.
I bow to my family - in happiness and pain, they bring out the giant I am.
I bow to my soul siblings, friends and perceived foes.
I bow to my struggles and my triumphs.
I bow to the Way that is guiding me Home.

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