Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Greatest Story Ever Retold in the Boardroom

I was sitting in a conference room with some colleagues the other day participating in a video conference with a remote location that was exceedingly boring. I saw people shifting in their chairs, making faces, rolling their eyes and I thought to myself, there must be a more creative way to spend this hour. So I looked around and studied the seating order of the 8 people who were in the room. Believe it or not, the Law of Attraction always lines up people who have some connection. So I thought for a moment what the two colleagues in the front had in common and I concluded that they were both intellectuals. Then I had a look at the two women facing each other and I scribbled down female power. The couple sitting next to them was a little harder to figure out, but in the end I wrote down "European" and "nice". I left myself and the colleague I was sitting next to out and decided to ask someone else instead about what we had in common. So here is what I got up to this point:


When I looked at it, I rearranged the order to "fpeni" and thought to myself - perhaps inspired by the fact that I had just written a note about Adam and Eve - "wow, it isn't this amazing, you take away the "f" in the beginning and you add an s at the end and you are left with the phallus. Symbolically, by adding the "s" for snake you have to take away the "f" for freedom. As we fall in love with our creative force we lose a degree of freedom. In the beginning, that is before the snake came on the stage, we had "fin pe". Fin is French for completion while p and e stand in my vocabulary for peace and enlightenment. In the beginning there was peace and there as knowledge; a state that we can unfortunately only aspire as long as the snake is doing its creation.

Wow, the greatest story ever retold right here in the board room with the help of a little creative alphabet soup! Later I bumped into a colleague who attended this meeting and remarked how engaged I was in this boring meeting. I replied, "Oh, I actually was working on something else." But then I asked her what she thought I and the colleague I was sitting next to had in common and she said, "You are both mellow and hard working." Yes, that made sense to me but by then my story was already written. So I leave it up to discover a new story with the addition of m and h :)

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