Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dance with Life

As a spiritual traveler we are somehow told that we need to love others unconditionally and put others' needs above ours. It sounds good as a concept but it creates a lot of havoc inside. Try to be aware whenever you aspire to be somewhere else instead of here; our ego loves that stuff and will afterwards beat you up over it.

The way out out of the dilemma is to be spontaneous and react to the situation at hand. There are times when we love 
unconditionally, when we engage with the other as if they were us. But then, there are also times when we need to recharge and only do what feels right to us.

We are flexible and dance with this precious moment. We support others when we the timing is right, we support ourselves when we need it. We are in fact one and can experience this blessed state. But then, there are times when we just need to be one with ourself. There is a right behavior for every situation. The only golden rule is to just dance with this precious moment.

Should we be ashamed that we need a break? Is it a bad thing that we need to take care of ourselves?  Please be aware who is talking here. It is the ego, isn't it? Just do what the situation requires. Life tells you what you should and shouldn't do. Life is literally a no-brainer, figuratively and literally.

Enjoy the moment and experience what it means to be one with everyone and your Self. You can discover your Self by being one with everyone and you can be with your Self by being still and alone. Life always sets you up with the perfect opportunity to hold Her hand. Enjoy dancing with life!

By Christian and Su Zhen

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