Friday, November 14, 2014

Emotions and Thoughts, the Pathway to God

Gregg Braden presents a fascinating concept of how our system may simulate thoughts and emotions. He argues that our three lower energy centers - chakras - create the emotions, while our upper three chakras generate our thoughts. The seventh chakra lies right in the middle: our heart. Using this notion, you can easily define the mission of a spiritual traveler:

While our heart could beat in unison with the Way, our feelings are generated as the intersection of our thoughts and emotions and the environment we are operating in. So it is the job of each of us to reconnect with the Way by seeing, feeling and understanding what is rather than what appears to be. For some this may entail the mission to become still, while for others the job might be to go out and conquer the world. The Way is all about aligning our passions and spiritual notions with God's Canvass of Creation. Create with God's brush and colors and return Home. For each of us there is a Way - it might be love, it may be service; or it could be the path of creation or meditation. For each of us there is a Way that lets us experience God's Way.

Along the Way all our authentic needs are fulfilled. As we travel holding Her Hand, all our dreams are expressed. Whenever we are connected with the Tao, only love, peace and wisdom are our co-travelers. Our heart beats In unison with Her, while our mind knows that we are finally Home!

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