Sunday, November 9, 2014

Heart and Mind along the Way


Heart/Feelings                                   Mind/Thoughts


I am a thought-driven person and have been all my life. I remember a time when a childhood friend died and I "thought" about the situation. I simply didn't feel anything. It was a scary moment for me personally. The feelings must have been repressed, why exactly, I have no idea. The 
good thing is that in recent years all the feelings have started to come to the surface. I still am a mind-driven person, but I now feel what is going on within me and the people I am with; sometimes with the intensity of a volcano.

Emotions connect us with the current moment we are in, but at the same time we are beyond them.  Our connection with our heart is very much like the relationship with our mind.  By observing our emotions and thinking, we can understand how we are at that moment just as we can experience and understand the Way. We learn to dance with our heart and our mind, without being driven by them. We are passionate during the tango and feel the love as we walz; and sometimes we walk off stage when the music gets too annoying. 

Of course, we cannot make the "observer" in charge over night; it is a process to live in tune with the demands of our Soul. God has many children and She made many Paths; in fact, one for each of us. Yet, all of us will one day converge with the Way. We can approach via the Path of Love; alternatively, we can seek God via the Path of Wisdom.  Along the Way, for some of us the learning experience will be to detach ourselves from our mind, while for others the learning process will be the realization that we are not our emotions. 

God created our hearts and minds to allow us to experience divinity while being here on earth. By being in tune with our heart and being aware of our emotions, we can literally feel our Soul and the Way. And by making use of our mind, we can have a glimpse into God's grand plan. Our Soul communicates via all dimensions with us and is connected with other Souls along the Way. Feelings, thoughts and life are there to capture our connectedness with God. When we hold Her hand, we are One.

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