Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On Change

When will you make a change?  You can only make a change when you realize that your old behavior is not helping you, and if you have the insight that the change will help you. Often you feel in your bones that a change is simply necessary and life gives you plenty of reminders that it is time to leave the old behind. That's when you will adjust for real.

Take your existing belief set as an example; only when you realize that our own belief set has caused you all the misery will you be able to embrace a new perspective. Sometimes you have to go through your own personal version of hell before you can muster the will-power to let go of the old and aim much higher.

Take anger as another example. Don't get us wrong, sometimes it is good to get angry, but often it is simply destructive. Whether you should stop getting angry depends on how you feel about the situation. When you can see clearly that your anger only brings destruction and pain, you will try hard to stop the autopilot. But then, if your anger brings out hidden resentments, it may be a good thing to let it all out. Over the medium term in will in any case dawn on you that anger only hurts yourself.

Seeing is believing. Observation sets us free. Only after we suffer deeply from our own behavior and thoughts, will we be willing to let go of the old and be in a position to move on. Do whatever you feel is right and study life's feedback mechanism. With curious eyes and increased awareness of what is happening inside and around you will you become the creator you are born to be. 

By Christian and Su Zhen

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