Friday, November 7, 2014

We are all the same

Can we really "save" anyone?  Should we preach the Way to others? Unless people are ready to move to the next level, no-one can really help them.  The word “help” already puts us above the people we are working with and probably makes us feel arrogant below the surface.

In our life journey, we are all working on different issues and we are all learning different things on different levels. Some people may appear to know more, seem to have more talent and seem to have an easier life.  However, what they are really going through, only they know. Some people may appear to be ignorant, less fortunate, and have a more difficult life. Yet, have you walked in their shoes? Do you know what is next in store for them? Realizing that we all can have our difficult phases puts us on equal footing.

A spiritual traveler knows that we are all the same, and life will make sure to show that fact to us every day. It is just that some are so caught up their own mind that they can't see what is. When we realize this fact; when we can see it for the first time for ourself, we automatically lose our arrogance. We also lose our self-pity when things are difficult for us. When our sisters and brothers can struggle, so can we! We are all in the same boat.

What we can do then is to reach out to others when we see that they are struggling; but then, when we are not doing so well, it is our turn to accept the kindness of others. Once we truly realize that we are all in the same boat - the manager, the monk and the mother - we have the chance to grow compassion towards each other, to serve each other, to be humble, and to be grateful for our spiritual journey.

We are all well taken care of. It is just that sometimes we don't seem to know it. We are safe and sound on your journey Home. Difficulties and blessings are both part of the Way. Blessings are there to show you your natural state, while difficulties are there to help you realize who you are. Tackle the difficulties to know your true potential, and enjoy and relax when the blessings are showered on you. We are all fine - we are all the same.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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