Sunday, November 30, 2014

You Can Disentangle Yourself

I surrender - I trust Your plan for my life.

Spirituality says that you should stand up to your ego but that advice can be a little academic at times. You are you; you can try to repress your inner drives but that strategy can come back to haunt you. It is like 
trying to push a basketball under water. It comes back up with a splash. No, you  are "there" when you see Oneness in everything that comes your Way. You are Home when you can see the Lord in every friend and every "foe". You have captured the Supreme Reality when you are able to look beyond the "good" and "evil" and experience everything just as is.

The Tao cannot be told but this Force can be seen, felt and known. If you can only see glimpses at this point, don't worry; if you have seen glimpses of Her, nothing - not even you - can prevent you from going Home. There is always a way to stay connected to the Tao and life communicates this path quite clearly to you. 
Perhaps it is a service to others; perhaps it is a meaningful job; a dream that you may have; it could be your children or your soul mate. All you need is a mission that binds you to a meaningful activity or a special someone who shows you the Way. In short, you need to surrender to a Force stronger and more radiant than your ego. 

Traveling the Tao is mostly going with the flow, but sometimes you are required to paddle against it. Without a spiritual mission it would be impossible to know what you have to do and when. Yet, with your consciousness on your spiritual target, the Way will give you all the clues you need. 
Along the Tao we often surf successfully on Maya's waves; however, experienced or not, at times a big wave gets us and throws us right back into the waters of good and evil. We are a little disoriented as we plunge in, but soon we figure what is up and what is down. Our mission does this for us.

The selfish binds us while spiritual service and knowledge set us free. Doing what is helpful for our path of liberation can hurt at times, while running after what binds us can be a lot of fun, at least initially. The Bhagavad Gita writes, "That which tastes like poison in the beginning tastes like nectar in the end, whereas that which tastes like honey in the beginning becomes poison in the end." There is no wrong or right; but once you have embarked on a Homecoming journey there is a purposeful trip and one that leads to nowhere.

Express your passions, tie yourself to the Way and let Her disentangle you. The longer you travel the less you have to do. The mind knows the Way, your heart feels the Way and the will steers the Way. You can disentangle yourself - surrender to the Way!

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