Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to find my Beloved?

You go on looking for the woman outside, for men outside. 
But nobody has ever found any woman outside, 
Or any man outside, to fulfill the desire, 
The longing to become one complete whole. 

But the basic understanding is right, 
That somehow man and woman have to merge their energies into one. 
Just one thing is missing: 
That miracle can happen only within you, 
It is not something outside. 
It is something that as you become silent and peaceful and joyous, 
As you enter deeper into meditative states, 
As your intelligence becomes more sharp, 
You will see: 
The other that you have been searching for is within. 

And there is no problem with the inner woman, 
With the inner man. 
Once you recognize them, 
They start melting into each other 
Without any effort on your part. 
Just your recognition is enough 
To trigger the process of the merger. 

By Osho

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