Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Six Realizations along the Way

Someone recently dug up this note I wrote in 2011, the five observations along the Way. I still wholeheartedly agree with it so please have a look, but I have also added a six insight, which is a more recent realization.


Five Observations along the Way

Jed McKenna in "Spiritual Enlightenment - The Damnedest Thing" encouraged each spiritual aspirant to write down a few things that they have discovered as truth. I came up with  a few observations along my path. Perhaps you can add yours as well.

The Tao Heals
There is a Force behind the scene that gets you home. Never resist anything in life. As the ego takes a backseat in the presence of this magnificent power, the Tao does the driving  and everyone benefits.

The Christian Power of Healing
 Never ever turn again your brother or sister. This does not mean that you should repress your drive. There is always a creative outlet that lets you channel your drive without the need to turn against anyone. Support your brothers and sisters as best as you can. As you lift others you really lift yourself.

The Use of Willpower
There are some activities that you need to cut out as they are just not helpful to progress along the Way. Just because you like something doesn't mean that it is good for you. In the same vein, sometimes you have to do stuff that you don't enjoy. Let the Tao help you discriminate. As the Gita says, "Something that taste like honey in the beginning, will be poison in the end, and something that tastes like poison in the beginning, will later taste like honey.

The Power of Intention
 Your energy is boundless, but if you are scatter-brained, the different forces will cancel each other out. Focus your aim like a laser on what you need to achieve and mountains will crumble in your presence.

The Need of Action
 There is a sin against the Holy Gost and that is not showing up in life. Leave the judgement on success or failure up to higher authority, but always, always, put your best foot forward in whatever you do.

The sixth insight I would add as well is the flexibility to question where you are coming from. Willpower is all good but no one wants you to suffer along the Way. Perhaps you got to be more flexible with your notion of what is spiritually kosher and what is not. Respect every struggle along the Way, but make a change as well and leave this resistance behind for good. This is your journey, blaze a new trail and help your fellow travelers that way.

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