Monday, January 12, 2015

Live without fear

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
(Billy Ocean)

Are you scared of experiencing so-called “bad experiences”, like getting old, getting sick, or failing in your profession or your life?  Are you scared of experiencing unpleasant environments? 
Why do you think we keep our environments so comfortable and do our best to stay healthy, happy, and energetic? Well, enjoy when you experience these positive episodes but please also understand that the unpleasant, inconvenient and painful stretches are also part of your life.  When life brings you all these not-so pleasant experiences, just accept and come along!  Try to be there without any judgment. Most likely, there is a present waiting for you after some of these not-so pleasant experiences!
Remember the story of Buddha? Buddha’s parents worked so hard to keep him from seeing and experiencing any unpleasant experiences. Yet, no matter how hard they worked, just a little accident brought him incredible pain and set him off on a path of discovering Truth. Let's use his example. We work so hard to keep ourselves from experiencing any pain, which eventually will be in vain. Pain is part of our life. Sometimes there is even beauty behind these painful experiences. But you can only experience these if you face your ups and downs with open eyes and with courage.
When we can recognize the truth that pain is part of our life and are willing to accept it, a new dimension of life opens up to us. Now we don’t need to waste our energy on something that can't be achieved, insulating us from pain. We also don’t live in fear of trying to avoid these experiences, we can be more at ease with life and experience it to its fullest!
Walking on the spiritual path gives us this clarity, courage, and joy to dance with life!  We learn to say “Yes!” to life whole-heartedly and follow Him joyfully!  

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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