Friday, January 16, 2015

The Adventure of Love

How can we help people when we feel that they are really mean and when we are bothered by their behavior?  However hard we try to avoid it, we will come across some hostile situations and mean people. We don’t come across these situations because we are bad or radiating negative energy, we come across these situations because we are offered an opportunity to learn from them. We are offered a chance to heal, just as these situations heal us.

How can we love people who are apparently mean?  It is so easy to love comfortable situations and nice people, and it is easy to love the people who love us. Angry people and awkward situations give us the chance to understand and emphasize with other people. They give us the chance to experience the miracles of love. Sometimes we can discover love hidden in grumpiness and awkward behavior; just as sometimes we can discover the lack of love behind apparent polite conversations and exchanges. Sometimes we can experience that we are so caught up in things that we overlook love as well.

Spirituality is an art of seeing and perceiving. A hostile situation and mean behavior is someone crying for love. Sometimes we engage with the other and let the situation heal both of us, while sometimes we walk away because we think the gulf is simply too big to bridge. In any case, we will learn something about our own perspective and our own perception. Chances are next time around we will be ready to experience the miracle of love. 

Enjoy the adventure of life and love. No matter what happens, life transforms you every step of the Way.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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