Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Writing the Story of Your Life

I once told my family my theory that children choose their parents, and when my brother mentioned this idea to my sister-in-law, she only replied, "Well, I think this is a beautiful theory." I was a little taken aback when I heard her response; so there was no right or wrong, but instead her assessment was that the idea itself is a beautiful one!

This was many years ago, and my opinions on right and wrong have in the meantime shifted quite a lot. "Right" is what you perceive to be right. If you believe in the randomness of the universe, it will be exactly that. And if you belief in Angels instead, they will visibly walk with you. You are the Creator and it is in your power to write the story you believe in.

There is so much wisdom and insight slumbering inside of you. Let life dig it out for you. Your mind can only write so much, while the heart should provide the overriding theme. Every creative writer knows that "you" only own the initial idea; the creative work takes over from there and you have only so much influence over it. The red threat through the story of your life are your soul longings that have to be expressed and that make you so unique.

I was born and raised in Europe, but lived half my life in the New World. So I spent many years pondering over the tension between the Classic Greek tragedy and the Hollywood ending; today, I am actually quite relaxed about it. Of course we aim for an Hollywood ending, that's what God's Co-Creators do. But if we hit stretches when we have to face meaningful suffering, then so be it. Our soul has demands that may have to grow on us. Every good story will tell you why stuff happens the way it does. 

 But in all that, always remember this is your story. And you are its producer, creative writer and main actor all at the same time. Make it a good one!

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