Friday, April 3, 2015

Connecting with the Energy of the Moment

No matter what you do, you always have a demon and an Angel on your shoulder. Go to work and there will be a fear that the potential friend in front of you could be an adversary instead. Have sex with someone and discover that he leaves you after a steamy night while you were wishing for so much more.

At every moment life will just mirror back your fears, aspirations, dreams and subconscious belief sets. There are some who work with this Law of Attraction to get what they want. There are some who look for love in every encounter. You can also live life with the intention to just let the Wheel of Life spin around without aspiring anything. Just let it run its course and you simply do what the energy of the moment demands of you. 

Every moment is an opportunity to be connected to a divine presence. The loving friend is welcome as much as the bitching adversary. The straying lover is as precious as the faithful husband. Life just is, and as it is, you have yet another priceless opportunity to walk with Her. Follow this spiritual path called Tao and all fears will leave you; She will hold your hand and encourage you to drop all judgements and aspirations by the wayside. Demon and Angel are equally happy along the Way.

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