Sunday, April 19, 2015

Finding Your Way

Stay out of the lime light Christian!", a portfolio manager once said to me. To that day I don't know why exactly, but somehow she hit the nail on the head. I operate below the radar screen at work in many ways, facilitating collaboration with my colleagues and keep the wheels spinning for our group behind the scenes. Occasionally though, I move up to the surface, and tend to be quite effective then as well. 

It is said the Tao traveler stays at the center, watching the wheels of life spinning wildly without getting involved. Spiritual traveler are everywhere, so I presume that some of us are also in the limelight. Yet, a spiritual traveler never gets entangled. Success or failure, we embrace whatever shows up, knowing that somehow no matter what, we always have a spot in the sun.

If I had to describe the professional path I have chosen, it would be that I surround myself with people I care for. Collaboration and connectivity explains my success at work. It is not that I am craving social life, I am in fact an introvert at heart, so I probably could do just fine just by myself; Yet, that is the path the Tao seems to have chosen for me. I understand all the nudges that come from my friends. It is as if they talk a secret language, unbeknown to themselves. Some call the mode of communication synchronicity, some call it the talk of angels. However you like to call it, it is a language from the Source hand-delivered to me. If it was just myself, the voice in my head would get the upper hand pretty soon. But it turns out that when you interact with anyone, you in fact listen to Her. Who would be running after the wild goose chase of your ego at that blessed moment?

Being a spiritual traveler is not always an easy journey. You follow love, you look out for others, yet sometimes the demon needs a little convincing that you are not taken for a ride. Yet, over and over you experience that She takes care of you and that no one can let you down, only you can. A Tao traveler is one big magnet. Only meaningful relationships are attracted; people with a different wave-length will go their own merry way. While you are protected by a higher authority, I wouldn't ignore the demands of the the demon inside either. Find a way that equally excites the demon and the angel on your shoulder. For example, to go back to the career advice from the beginning, I enjoy recognition like everyone else. When the opportunity presents itself, I make sure that I rise to the surface with a splash.

It is said that we spiritual travelers are God's Co-Creators. This is true. You provide the mission and She will get you there. Yet, you have to adjust your game-plan along the Way. Do you truly understand the longings of your soul? When is the ego talking, what are authentic personal demands, and when do you abuse yourself in the name of spirituality? Make Her in charge and adjust your mission along the Way. Let Her present you a banquet beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is to show up and embrace life. It is an idiosyncratic journey Home, and it is a blessed one. Find it!

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