Monday, April 6, 2015

The Resulting Force

True freedom is being without anxiety about imperfection.
Zen master Seng-tsan

Physicists are telling us that when two forces push in different directions, the resulting force is somewhere in the middle. Life does this pushing and pulling for us. We are born animals, yet we have the consciousness to gaze at the stars. Lust may have conceived us, yet love nourished us. We are always somewhere in between man and God, Heaven and hell, perfection and sin.

Be aware of the forces that push and pull you, and appreciate the beauty and the purpose of your trajectory. Have respect for what is. Your destiny was written in the stars long before you were conceived; be proud of this journey, no matter how miserable you may feel at times. Appreciate what is. If you only have your eyes on the divine, you will alienate yourself. Yet, if you  completely get lost in your subconscious drives, the divinity in you will soon send you a wake-up call. The Tao is the path of the middle; the Way is the resulting Force. Wherever you are, perfect imperfection surrounds you.

You don't have to get lost in the yin and yang of life; you can comfortably at the center, experiencing how life unfolding through you. The resulting Force is your destiny; discover It today and all judgements, disappointments and broken promises will vanish. Celebrate life and welcome death when it finally comes; whatever visitor may knock on your door, she is welcome as is. Perfection, we always keep you in mind; imperfection, we accept you. The resulting Force is freedom!

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