Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Last Temptation is an Energy Shift

I am going Home, to the place where I belong.
And where Your love has always been enough for me.
I am not running from; no I think you got me all wrong.
I don't regret what life chose for me.
But these places and these faces are getting old,
so I am going Home! (Daughtry, Home)

I have attached below three ideas I have developed over the years. First, the seemingly frustrating perspective that there can be conflicts inside that seem that you can't live with or without it, just as U2 put it so well in their song. So either way you go, whether you follow the advice of all the spiritual leaders, or give in to the whispers of the demon on your shoulder, you seem to be banging your head into a wall. Yet, in all that never forget that God always means well. Frustration can only be temporary as you travel the Tao. The fact that you don't see a way out only means that you have not yet found the right door to open.

This open door is passion! Find the stuff that really excites you and redirect your stuck energy that way. This brings me to the second idea, the notion of the lotus flower. This conflict inside not only leads you to your passion, it in fact brings out the spiritual gem you are. It is the suppressed energy of the conflict that powers your spiritual zest. The analogy, the beautiful lotus flower doesn't grow in luxury resorts, they need a little murky water to flourish.

This last idea is that of an energy shift. You don't will yourself out of stuck energy, you vibrate yourself out of it. We had often argued that along the Way there comes a time when the pain of running into walls simply becomes too hard to bear so you naturally stop. For example, see the note on the TINA principle - There is No Alternative!

Yet, this process of disentangling is more than an act of will power, it is an energy shift instead. As you accept your mission, your energy vibration rises and you are literally lifted out of the old conflicted energy cycle. When you engage with your spiritual passion, the light penetrates more and more areas of your life while the frustration leaves you. Out of the darkness into the light; it is all a natural progression along the Way. 

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