Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Story of the Lion and the Lamb

I believe it was Vivekananda who once told the story of a lion cub who lost his mother and would surely have died had not a herd of lambs found and raised him. The lion grew up timid and meek, trying to stay alive by eating grass and plants with all the other lambs. One day a lion came by and saw this sorry figure. He took the young lion to a lake and asked him to take a good look into the mirror image. Yes, there he was, a beautiful and majestic lion standing right next to another one. From that day on, the lion learned to hunt and claimed his position as king of the jungle.

I am a Leo too and am sometimes reminded of this story when I think of my journey. Along a spiritual path you also claim something. It is as if a higher Force taps you on a shoulder one day and encourages you to aim much higher. It is an authenticity; a power; a divine connection. However, just like the lion needed a while to figure out how to hunt, our spiritual journey is a stairways to Heaven that occasionally needs some efforts to climb as well.

I don't think King of the Jungle is quite the right expression for a spiritual traveler. We are at the center of the circle of life and show up just as She wants us to. There are times when we roar like a lion, and there are times when we lie peacefully in the meadow like the lamb minding our own business. Being a spiritual traveler means to be in tune with what is; we are neither on top of things, nor below them. Along the Way, the lamb and the lion shall lie side by side. Claim your destiny and join us. 

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