Monday, April 27, 2015

The Way of the Reptile

We are spiritual travelers and we aim for the light even if there are some clouds on the horizon. We also want to choose love even if we feel grumpy inside. In short, when given a choice between taking a step up the stairways to Heaven or down, towards the apparent destiny of mankind, we train ourselves to move up and away.

Life, however, can be a labyrinth at times. While we want to move north just like all our self-help books advise us to, we sometimes bang our heads into a wall until someone wise comes along and tells us to try south instead. Life is non-linear and the progress towards the light always comes in the form of a spiral. The reason is simple. We carry humanity with us as we aspire to be as Gods. The reptile brain can make itself known, even though the modern brain claims to understand the Way.

Bring your entire being to the light and let divinity shine away all the darkness that you still carry around. Don't pretend to know better than your feelings, embrace and honor all the voices that make themselves known to you. I am not saying that you should go out and behave irresponsibly, but I do suggest that you should use life's ups and downs to honor your feelings along the Way. Life has wrapped itself around your soul with the single intent to bring you Home. Along the Way, there is a time to be greedy and a time to be content, a time to be competitive and a time to be considerate, a time to be afraid and a time to be bold, a time to be horny and a time to be at peace. On occasions, the reptile in you has its spiritual significance as well.

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