Friday, June 5, 2015

When Two Hearts Beat in Harmony

Two souls, alas, are housed within my breast,
and each will wrestle for the mastery there.
(Goethe, Faust)

The Blue Lord exists, He lives in you. Like Lord Krishna on the battlefield millennia ago, there is a Voice telling you what to do when the going gets tough. There also is a Christ in you, the holy connection that links you with your soul sister. Or the Buddha, the infinite OM sound that you hear when your mind becomes perfectly still. The divine is always present, accessible whenever you want to be near Her. Once you realize and experience this magnificent fact all struggle and strive vanishes. No one wrestles for anything when you hold Her hand.

We aspire to be divine but we have to accept the fact that we are human. We have our feet on the ground, yet gaze at the stars. So what do we do with this insight? Well, accept it! When you are hungry, eat. When you feel physical desire, make love. And when you are angry, get mad. There is a time for everything and you can be perfectly at peace expressing who you are, half mensch, half God. Accept the two hearts that are beating in your chest and discover the Way to make them beat in unity and in harmony. 

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