Wednesday, August 19, 2015

When Purpose Meets Passion

Your soul may be the GPS, but you need your ego to drive.
(Kristine Jarvis)

What is your life's purpose, and what is your mission? And how does passion enter the picture? In "On God", author Norman Mailer observed that he always had the most energy when the demon and the angel had an equally vested interest in the next book project. I think that is an astute observation and speaks to the fact that our conscious mind only knows so much. A lot is slumbering in our subconscious, and sometimes the stuff that our eager and piteous conscience wants to accomplish deviates from how we truly feel deep inside. 

Try to be aware of your own energy level as you decide on your next steps. Your soul knows the movie plot, but your ego decides on what to do next. You can discover your passion and your purpose by listen to both, your head as well as your heart. If you are a spiritual traveler like me you will probably also try to do what you perceive as the spiritually right thing to do. Yet, do you perhaps see a tired person when you follow your spiritual ideals? Conversely, could it be that you feel tired as life drags you along with all the interferences and endless cross-currents; yet, when you look into the mirror, a young and energized person greets you back?

There is a lot of ego bashing going on in our spiritual community. Stop doing that! The person who barks at what you may have done, or at what you wish to happen, is still your ego playing merry-go-around games with itself. No, listen to the desires of the ego instead without stepping on your spiritual ideals. Fall in love with who you are and find a way that works for all aspects of your being. Trust the Way! Life will wrap itself around you and give you a path that allows you to be yourself.

The Way becomes easy to spot when you open up to life; open up to your problems; become one with the resistance you experience, and honor people who want to send you in a different direction. Fall in love with who you are and let the ego do the driving. The Way is nothing but a communication device to align your mission with your passion. Relax, your soul figured this all out a long time before you were born. The Way will send you Her messengers who will tell you how to proceed next. Enjoy every step of the Way!

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