Sunday, September 13, 2015

A New Way

Have you ever observed how you can beat yourself up over little things?  Have you even ever questioned the reasons why you beat yourself up over? Too often we are conditioned by our society to perceive, think and act in a certain way without even questioning if this demand is feasible or reasonable. Could it in fact be that these struggles that societies impose on us go against our nature?

Take this conflict between you love doing and what others expect of you just as is. Perhaps this "wall of expectation" draws a line in the sand, preventing you from expressing destructive ego craving. Or just maybe this conflict gives much needed energy to you to find a new way to express your soul longings. There is never any telling, never any judging, just observing what it is going on. Find this new way, maybe you have an opportunity to lift yourself up and the people around you with it.

Everything is possible if we can throw away our old belief system and look at our desires with a totally different perspective. Nothing new can ever can come into our life unless the old ways of doing things are questioned somehow. Honor the conflicts that others impose on you; honor even these annoying mental loops that bother you. If they exist there must be a reason. Simply observe yourself! Life is always so interesting; even a little hidden struggle helps us propel along a new way.

Walking on the spiritual path encourages us to question and understand everything; about ourselves, about others, about our interaction. Only observe, never judge for that would be the ego analyzing itself. There is a promise along every spiritual path that every conflict can always be channeled in a new way that kind of works for everyone. There is a sacred promise that every authentic soul longing can always be expressed in a spiritually kosher way. Find it!
Spirituality helps us building a new society. Just maybe what you are going through right now many others experience at the same time. Let's find this new way together!

By Christian and Su Zhen  

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