Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dancing with the Tao

The Tao of living is a special way of being connecting to our body and our soul, and being in tune with our environment. We no longer cling religiously to rules, plans, and expectation. Instead, we lead a life according to what presents itself to us at this moment. Don't get us wrong though, of course we still have to schedule and plan when we are interacting with others, but we flexibly adjust to what the situations demands. We sleep when we feel tired, and we take action when we have enough rest; we eat meat when we feel we have to, and we also can go totally vegetarian over large stretches of time.

The Tao of living is really a balance. And this balance cannot be planed, it can only be grasped moment by moment. It is a way of living highly connected to ourselves and knowing what we need at this magic moment. When we lead a life like this, we feel most energetic, joyful, and content.  It is a way of spontaneous living that brings ample rewards for anyone interacting with us.

We have found this balance because we have studied the yin and yang of life for a while now. When we have too much sleep, we actually feel a lack of energy; when we work too much, we don’t feel the joy of living any more, and when we indulge ourselves with too much pleasure, we feel empty inside. On the other hand we have also experienced that too much rigorous discipline kills all creativity. When you dance with the Tao, you are leading a life where mind and heart are in harmony.

When we give up on the notion how our life should be, and just dance with the flow with every moment, our life is suddenly filled with joy and balance!  Life becomes easy to us!  It is like we are dancing with life and we are having fun! You know how to dance, right?  You need to be there, you need to be one with your partner, and you need to feel the music! Yes, living the Tao is exactly like that!  We need to be here and now, with the divine moment and the people we are connected with. We need to know what She is up to, and creatively respond to Her lead. As we dance with our life, our heart is singing and we are having fun!   

Dance with us.

By Christian and Su Zhen

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