Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Finding Love Amidst the Chaos

We cannot really love anyone when we lose the connection with our Self. This loss is very subtle; all we ever perceive is the "I", and this entity can drift away from the Self quite easily, and we don't even know about it. While we may not be able to perceive this split within ourselves, we always have the environment that we operate in as a feedback mechanism. When we somehow lose the magic of the moment, when the flow of life seems interrupted, or even when life becomes drag, we can be sure that we are out of sync with our Self.

But sometimes we can even try to block out our feedback mechanism. When we cannot really hear what other people are saying because we insist on our own opinions; when we cannot really feel our body because we are so lost in our thoughts or the heat of the moment; when we feel bitter and life seems like a torture; when we convince ourselves to be someone we are not. In short, when we reject the present moment, we really reject our Self.

But then, when life increasingly drives us crazy; when we just lose our balance. We suddenly become too tired to get back in shape and are simply lost in the chaos that we have created for ourselves. We create dramas for our loved ones and start hurting each other. We end up looking for scape-goats everywhere but within. 

Isn’t this scenario familiar to all of us?  When we suddenly realize that our loved ones suffer because of us. It is only then that we get motivated to take a good look within. Perhaps allowing ourselves to be in the state we are now in is all the love that we need. Sometimes just being aware of the hole we have fallen into is the beginning of the climb. It takes time to reconnect with the Self, but self-acceptance and patience is the first step back to the center of our being. Let the energy flow back to you, and suddenly the sweet feeling of love fills the room. Reconnect with the Self and discover that you are love!

By Christian and Su Zhen 

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