Friday, September 11, 2015

Purpose and Passion

Whatever you do,
just make sure,
that purpose and passion
walk next to you!

You may fall in love because you feel physically attracted to a girl. She in turn might be impressed with your professional accomplishments and agree to a date. Whatever might have been the trigger of "love at first sight", in the end it will be the overall bundle of looks, behaviors and qualities that get you into the relationship and - hopefully - in the end both will be in love with the person who is behind this facade. And after a honeymoon period a little homework will show up as well to make this relationship stands the test of time. A higher calling will then kick in, allowing both souls to transcend to a new level.

Purpose and passion go together. We spiritual folks no longer frown on our passions the way the religions of the olden days used to do. We have grown; today's spiritual traveler embraces her passion, but is also mindful that they don't digress into mere ego tantrums. So whatever we are passionate about these days, there must also be a spiritual purpose to it. This note started with the theme of relationships where it is pretty obvious that the ultimate spiritual goal of love is a soul merger of sorts. Certainly, this deep spiritual connection extends wider than just to the life partner; it includes children, parents, the wider family, close friends and can even include colleagues and neighbors. The web of love you cast goes as deep and wide as your heart and passion can carry you. 

You also can be passionate about your professional accomplishments. It might all start with an attractive job, a prestigious career, or a handsome salary. Yet, for a spiritual traveler there has to be the purpose as well for it to really become meaningful: colleagues at work who grow together with you; relationships and connections that you might be healing with your presence. The simple "business" of looking out for each other. Money and prestige are an afterthought in that. Just as Lord Krishna put it in the Bhagavad Gita, it is our job to follow our mission, let a higher authority worry about the rewards that come with it.

We have been writing several shadow notes in recent years. Purpose and passion are the tools that allow you to get these shadow drives out in the open and burn them up for you. Your passion is the symptom that tells you that your soul is still longing to express itself in a certain dimension. Embrace your passions, but let the Way show you how to make this expression purposeful. Whenever She has entangled you in something, know that the outcome will be great for everyone. Whatever you do, just make sure, that purpose and passion walk next to you!

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