Monday, September 28, 2015

The Wheel

Did you ever notice how fluid your personality can be dependent on the situation you are in. I tend to be pretty shy anyway when it comes to interacting with people and live in a country I wasn't born into, so if you put me on a baseball field - a sport I never played - and I will likely be pretty offish interacting with the other parents for the very reason that I feel out of place. Yet, if you put me into my professional setting and I will most likely appear confident, inclusive and sometimes even outgoing.

I think of our personality - the "I" -  as a wheel. It is spinning, and given how much priming we receive from our environment, it decides the outcome for us. Well, it determines our initial response, but then it is very much up to us what we do with it. Certainly, 
If we don't like the place where we ended up, we can always spin the wheel of life again. We can also train ourselves to overwrite behavioral patterns that we don't like.

Walking the Way is not that different. We have our spiritual moments, and we have our mundane ones. We even have the moments when we consider ourselves spiritual, yet our ego is still very much in charge, only wrapped up 
in holy clothes. And then there are the precious moments that we spiritual travelers live for, the "I Am That I Am" moment. So what shall we do with all of that? Well, just let the wheel of life spin as it likes. The Tao has a plan; everything that is happening to us is part of the Way. 

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