Thursday, October 29, 2015

Spiritual Drive

I rarely give away books, unless of course, they don't speak to me at all, which sometimes happens. But one book I dropped off at the book recycling container that didn't quite fit this bill; Todd Wooten's "White Men Can't Hump" I gave away simply because it was full of rants and "not politically correct" statements, so I felt kind of embarrassed that someone may find it in on my book shelve. Yet this book did speak to me, in parts even a lot. One of Todd's notable conjectures that stayed with me until today: a man needs to perform in the bedroom, or he needs to perform in the boardroom, preferably in both, but if he performs in neither, this man is in trouble!

What do we spiritual men do with this conjecture? If we are so put off by all the greed and competition in the real world, are we really morally in a better position that we choose to leave this all behind, or are there perhaps some drives within us that we simply find so ugly to look at that we just shy away from them? Could we in fact be cowards compared to the ordinary folks who put their best foot forward every day in the sometimes messy "real" world? Or when we are publishing blogs and spiritual books, and gather a community of followers around us, is it perhaps because we still have the same subconscious drive to be special?

I have no answers for you, but certainly a lot of question. At work in the financial industry, I do realize how difficult it is to keep going for me personally. But is this because the agendas of others are not so nice, or is it because I myself have many resistances, insecurities and struggles inside? Over and over again I find that all inter-personal conflicts at work have me at the receiving end in it. And once I embrace a change, conquer a fear, or embrace a new perspective, all conflicts disappear with it. 

I often hear people in the spiritual community who want to quit their job and try a more spiritual occupation instead. That is certainly fine - you should absolutely live your dream! But if you are sitting on the fence about this decision for some reason, or when some social or financial obligations force you to do something more commercial for the moment, please use this opportunity to discover who you really are deep down inside. The answers you get may differ from the spiritual view you have of yourself and may necessitate a few changes. Wholeness implies that all of these personalities converge into one; let life decide for you how best to get to this level.

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